Monday, April 29, 2013

[e] Sound - Black 04
foxy butt[MANDALA]Mikoto Belt/black(Gold)female/pelvis
Assassin Boots-Black
.Shi : Drape Bermudas
SKE Design-Cat Black-Pants 
Kyoot - Atonement Top 4
[W&B] Neelia Beaded Yoke Only NOIR
*League* Kandula Necklace Copper 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fancy lovely mesh dress from MAAI... the bottom dresspart is flexi prim added , come with the lovely rose details, im not wearing the  rose that was suppose to be added as headpiece. This creation has lolas applier top as well... shortly say i love the dress "MAAI  - " Lari " mesh gown / Lolas / Black"
and you can find it in more colors

[e] Sound - Blonde 06
RO - PinnAcle - Copper - Headband
*League* Kandula Necklace Copper 
.ID. Light Sensitive/Basic - Light Brown
[GLUE INK] Ree Gloves (floral)

then i wear  2 lovely tatto layers i found today...the shoulder tatto and the  underarm tatto
-- h i a t u s -- Take Care Faded1
-- h i a t us -- Make Me Faded1.
they comes in different  levels of color and some options of how to wear it, both clothing or tatto layer

over and out LOVE ZAN

Hmmm sometimes in life moments sucks more than others, but i guess its just periods. And you will work it out to have a good time. One thing is for sure, is thta we learn how to value things in life and to be careful not to let people you love glip through your fingers

the headpiece is from RO, the stuff there ids amazing and very detailed so i suggest strongly to go there
RO - PinnAcle - Copper - Headband

The hair im wearing is not mesh and the store is named Elikatira, she has sales on all hairs, both mesh and prim hairs, a normal hair cost about 75 linden each but the best buy i think is to get the "Essential Collection" for only 85 linden you got 8 different colors all from white to black in different nyances very smart pack to have if wanna  use for future 
[e] Paper - Blonde 06

Necklace, i just freaking love it , you find it at the League store
*League* Kandula Necklace Copper 

The corsette you find as well at  League, and i love this one as well, it comes with a Hud and you can choose to wear it with straps or not & you can choose in between different textures on the Studs and also if you want them on or not
*League* Nyx Corset -Leather- Light Tan

This short Jacket i am wearing is super smart and nice to wear with many dresses and outfits. well at least for me its well used and looks very nice
[Innoc] cassiopeia bolero [brown] 

An other League piece on me today, i choose to wear an undershirt, so i be sure to cover my dearest parts well, and it even goes a bit lower down to cover some lower under the corsetteline to which is good
*League* Spring Camisole -Cream

Belt from Mandala
Saicho Belt /Chocolate Circle 

{mon tissu} Heathrow Boots 

leggins from LUAS
Cotton Leggings Brown

[GLUE INK] Ree Gloves (floral)

Adjunct - Churchwarden Style Pipe - Lesepfeife-Smoke

.ID. Light Sensitive/Basic - Light Brown

Weapons from GTS slash Centipede

Listen to Eric Stanleys performance, it got me

Friday, April 26, 2013

{mon tissu} Heathrow Boots / Rigged Mesh ~ Gray
Ske pant, black
DLS chainmail, silver
[RA] Slaver Belt (Black)
[The Forge] Dominus Armour, Black
MONS / Mesh Coin Headband - silver
L&B S'wear - T (W) "Celtic"  Dog tag v3
[e] Just - Brown 10
[GLUE INK] Ree Gloves (floral)
Primus Orion Scythe
IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Warm Silver (S)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The dress , harness & the belt combination i took from the lovely side Terava´s blog
you should check her blog out if you havnt yet, its pro made^^ compares to us mark ppl ;)
anyways this dress is an other texture than i have from other makers, buuuut this one is from SAKIDE
the harness and the belt is a bit modyfied and u get it from Ravensoul
smexy as hell
over & out ZAN <3
makes a lighter version to with a few changes
same top only used the hud
corsette from Gspot      .:GSpot:. Freija Brokat corsage
*League* Merino Leggings -MidCalf -Umber (pl)
*LightStar-Engineer Boots-Brown
>TRUTH< Chynna - seasand
MONS / Mesh Coin Headband - gold
DN Mesh: Buttoned Cropped Top  (comes with a color hud 6 mesh <3 )
SKE Design-Cat Black-Shirt w Corsett
SKE Design-Cat Black-Pants wit Lower Shirt (reason why i use thoose ske pants often is actually course it has this lower shirt part on, that will cover your belly if the shirt or corsette you wearing doesnt go so good all the way down)
[RA] Slaver Belt (Black)
*League* Dipped Feather Necklace Silver-Black Cord
Centipede Shield *Fjord*
[GTS] Bow *Superstition*
[GLUE INK] Ree Gloves (floral)
IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Warm Silver (S)
Prim Teeth perfect only upper -- DeeTaleZ
Adjunct - Churchwarden Style Pipe - Lesepfeife-Smoke
Assassin Boots from Lightstar.. i strongly recomend to go look at the boots there, they are not in mesh and lovely to wear to different outfits perfect ot modify on to some mesh pants for example


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

omg its truly a hell to go on stores when they have sales or likely happenings
i prefering to the past days i have been visiting TRUTH , who sell the most hairs from 75, and even some older hairs from 35 Linden
i love TRUTH hairs and if you are lucky you can manage to  get there, even though it takes a while  to rezz,
but its worth it;)
i got a hang for the fades of the newer hairs so this is one of that tones i am wearing on the pic´s
>TRUTH< Sierra - toast

the corsette, top & pants are from SKE

weapons once again GTS slash centipede

thoose lovely boots are from ENIGMA, go check the gorean district out i will pass a link

Extreme sounds that told me
They held me down every night
I didn't have much to say
I didn't give up the line
I closed my eyes and closed myself
And closed my world and never opened up to anything
It could get me along

Shoulder armor from Rochambeau Hoplite Black Outfit
*OAL* Burlap Kiss Rope Belt 
::Exile:: Beyond the Waves:Sable
the weapons is centipede, that i think now is owned by GTS (shield blade & bow)
MONS / Mesh Coin Headband - gold
Adjunct - Churchwarden Style Pipe - Lesepfeife-Smoke
Prim Teeth perfect only upper-- DeetaleZ
piercing-- .Pekka. Mysterious
**Irresistible Look Eyelashes**-Crissy Designs
MONS / Makeups - black eyeliner series-4

the dress is just some i play with so far & the Crying Girl Statue is placed on the land of Peregrine Cliffs

Sometimes life passes you by, 
And the world changes to make you cry, 
Sometimes you lose the people you love, 

Your heart breaks and you feel really weak, 
You start searching the questions and answers you seek.
Life would be easy if you knew what to do, 
You could fix everything and stop feeling so blue.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

hmm i had this for a while in my eehm less small inventory... and i have found it amazing and wanted to show it up. To blog is a mod thing as well, sometimes rl takes more out of you that affect other things. this is a pretty lil one outfit for the submissive ones actually not bad to put over some undershirt to have a use as a corsette either. you get it at On A Lark in different colors and her creations has good prices!
*OAL* Burlap Scraps ~ Coal      includes the jewels to!!
25 lindens only!! for this cutie smooooth smexy one ^^ Discovering Destiny are making sure to make her costumers happy and her store is constantly updated with new lovely outfits, you never get bored going to the store, AND she has a wider sortiment all from clothes to roleplay items and furnitures, 

On A Lark is the place!
*OAL* Draped Berry is the one im wearing

this slave outfit you find in different colors such as Fern, Midnight, Eggplant, Berry, Teal, Robin, Black, Coal & Snow

this time i choose to wear my second favourite makers of eyes, theese are from IKON                                       IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Pale Warm Silver (S)

Hair -  [BURLEY]_Lola_Black04

Monday, April 22, 2013

Not sure if the dress is up on the store anymore but they do have many lovely things there so i strongly suggest togo have a look... 
[GE] Then Red
Today a bought a new hair, as i do way to often , its a new release from Taketomi
the shoulderpart and headress is from Gspot 
.:GSpot:. Dreamy
LUAS Corsaria Necklace

Sunday, April 21, 2013

weapons from Primus
LUAS Corsaria Necklace
~The Old Forge~ Drago Armor
/Wasabi Pills/ Kylee Mesh Hair 
*S* SenSual DreSs    from *SLAVE* dressing room
{mon tissu} Heathrow Boots
Tee*fy Long Loose Belt Cardigan Black
SKE Design-Cat Black

Saturday, April 20, 2013

>TRUTH< Crys - champagne
.Pekka. Forhead Cross - black
[Innoc] cassiopeia bolero [brown]
[MANDALA]Mikoto Belt/Brown
~CD~ Espen Shoulder Armor
{mon tissu} Heathrow Boots
Adjunct - Churchwarden Style Pipe
Luas Urban Style - Cotton Leggin black
jewels from LUAS
cute outfit from LUAS, you really get lot in the packages, in this one it includes the bangles, arm and legbands, collar, panties, the knee-socks, ncklace, headband and the top

enjoy <3   zan

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

hmm intressting how we  like things or goes in peroids of  different kinds.. in this case i used to hate the crossbow....never liked it, not by the look and not by its performance sheeeesh, BUT zandra found sooooome luv
and its Primus this time who catched my heart, well done crossbow in mesh and i just feel hmm brave and tough wearing it ^^ ;)
Primus Arcum de Mortuus Crossbow 
[NV] Rebel Coat -Black- BODY
Vigo´s Katherine - corsage
[The Forge] Drezloire Armour
Primus Lionhart Shield
>TRUTH< Kadence
love ZAN

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

*OAL* Glorioso S ~ Azure
you find this at On A Lark *OAL*

25 lindens do i need to say more??
the dress is mesh and its cutie awsome

Monday, April 15, 2013

Saturday, April 13, 2013

                                                                     [e] Listen - Black 04
lassitude & ennui Dreamer tiara - black / rose
the muses . Rainha    (the dress and cloak, plus the two bottom sleeves and undershirts of chainmail)
~Elvenbreath~ Avana   (only the topjacket and shouldersleeves)
>TRUTH< Moxie - night
.ID. Light Sensitive/Basic - Light Brown
DeeTaleZ Prim Teeth perfect only upper 
**Irresistible Look Eyelashes**
[GLUE INK] Ree Gloves (floral)
MONS / Makeups - black eyeliner series
L&B S'wear - T (W) "Celtic"  Dog tag v3

Friday, April 12, 2013

DLS~Valiant -F- Boot 
[The Forge] Drezloire Armour
DLS~Valiant Upper Chainmail 
corsette from <TheAbyss>
SKE Design-Cat Black
weapons from LR
accessories from pekka, KOSH, Eldritch, Adjunct

Thursday, April 11, 2013

LOVELY outfit from LUAS you can get it in many color as u see, its in mesh and it includes all the bangles, necklaces and piercing..and some awsome tattolayer u see above the eyebrows



Wednesday, April 10, 2013

BIG Thanks to Larion Rhode for this lovely SHIELD!!!! and the cruel scimitar^^ you find this set of weapons at LR and he has lot more nice stuff to offer.. the shield is eyecatching, woman style looking like a flower but still having this rustic warrior look on it, not getting to gurly with some girly color, i love it AND it give you protection;)

Sidis Scimitar
::Exile:: Beyond the Waves
Gawk! Black Wool Pullover 
[The Forge] Drezloire Armour
leather pants black red - DeeTaleZ
*LightStar-Assassin Boots-Black
Unsung - Angelus Harness     mesh

Sunday, April 7, 2013

                                   be a fucking champion" slams her chest*eeehhhmm*
Boots-"Lightstar" faded black
[The Forge] Drezloire Armour
pants from SKE
underlayershirt from GAWK
the shirt slash dress its a test im playing with...just gotta love it^^
Fiacaill Crown
::Exile:: Uninvited:Sable
Adjunct - Churchwarden Style Pipe - Lesepfeife-Smoke
.ID. Light Sensitive/Basic - Light Brown
Prim Teeth perfect only upper 
cheLLe - (mole) Mole! 5
**Irresistible Look Eyelashes**-Crissy Designs
MONS / Makeups - black eyeliner series-4
Primus Lionhart Shield  (black)
*VF-VFX Mindanao-bow
.Pekka. Mysterious
[GTS] Sword *Thebe*
-Belleza- Ava Deep Tan Strong Gloss Lips 2

Saturday, April 6, 2013

amazing smexy dress from maai a mesh dress with some flexy parts that makes the dress alive
and i luuuuuv black black black
it has many  sizes and options for example if u wearing thoose ugly tits^^ lolas its perfect for it, it was partly a joke, i have bought them to but i honestly do not like them, so well all wear what we like-- same  bish inside;)

it has good detailed texture as well
MAAI - " Pix " mesh dress / Lolas / Black

Strawberry necklace bracelets earing nails and ring from "Girlicious"

Apple May Designs - Beth
Magika [Hair S] Tangle

the summer cool nails and bag you find here at marketplace at "Girlicious"  summerbag4 and nails are named sparkle1                 

DeeTaleZ tweed riding overall red
Pink Acid Tropical Barbee Liner & Lashes - Purple
Pink Acid Heart Throb Face Make-Up -Black
Magika [Hair] Drastic
[GLUE INK] Ree Gloves (floral)
Adjunct - Churchwarden Style Pipe - Lesepfeife-Smoke
absolute lovely shoulderwrap from shi store, they have many lovely outfits there as well...but this wrap suits the dress perfectly that is from OAL
black is danger^^

Stop have expectations, it makes life more easier <3

.ploom. Lisa - Monotone
**Dirty Princess** Dragon Slayer Princess Corset              and sleeves and undershirt.....
DeeTaleZ pants  "leather pants black red"
{mon tissu} Heathrow Boots
KOSH- NEBULA NECKLACE -female- chest
(RoMesh) Hoplite Shoulder Armor Black  - from outfit Rochambeau Hoplite Black Outfit , u find the store at primus

Friday, April 5, 2013

                                                     (r)M ~ Hair(Msh) No.12 ~ Champagne

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Luas Urban Style - Cross Tights Pack
Luas Urban Style - Indie Girl
glasses from LEO
cool, this outfit has lot to offer it comes with piercings  both for face and breast and the awsome get the bangles and the cool belt to to make your roleplay more intence^^
you get it in red brown and teal
awsome boots! u get them at Luas urban collection¨
Luas Urban Style - Star Ugg Boots
very simple but  detailed mesh outfit for slaves and very sweet belt and flower crown comes with it....normally the dresses like this comes plain and quite boring,,, i like this a lot

*OAL* In Bloom Dress 
noom noom new nicey hair from Milana...actual a new maker thta i havnt tried before...make sure to go to that store its many nice hairs there
(Milana) Jayna - Dark Browns

& lovely dress and boots in mesh from Death Row
stp dress2 black
stp boots black