Saturday, November 17, 2012

Funny thing  with LUAS and makes a credit to the store, it is constantly updated and new stuff..go  make a visit  there..just look at this amazing free woman dress mwaaaahhhhhhh    "LUAS CINNIA"  green black red

adding  Paulinas cover of payphone..been listen to her covers a while and she makes them sweet..have a peek .. yaaa im a cover bum
This outfit is so lovely..and so sweeeeet it has lot of caracter and its good fitting mesh.. you find it in some different colors and the layer sizes are to choose by as well
also this one you found at LUAS store " LUAS LORETO"  blue brown purple
This outfit rocks..if you are a bond just go grab it!! its a bond smexy attitude in it properly naughty
you find it at LUAS store  "LUAS ODEISA" black red  blue

yes you get it  gloves , cloak and the other layers ENJOY!!!

AWSOME outfit from LUAS it can be mixed to wear slave as free woman.. just add some pants or skirty though! its mesh and  very awsome on body... the colors are very natural , you just wanna cozy in  to it;)
 "LUAS PENNY" red, black and brown... comes with the boots and the necklace
So many new things i like! the hair is a must. damn just love it! its from elikatira and just gotta love their hairs..they  always has a good fit mesh as  prim " [e] Conclusion - Blonde 10 "

PINK ACID i would say they have a lot signature products and can be fun to mix and match with whatever you choose to  wear for all  reasons in sl
 eyeshadow layer 1 ..the pink one as cover around the eyes in pink/violet shadows "Pink Acid Faun Eyeliner & Eyeshadow - Burgundy" you found it in 2 colors in one pack
eyeliner 2 the tourqise one goes with the awsome lipgloss of pink as well "Pink Acid Tropical Barbee Full Face Make-Up -Pink"

(and i wear as well a tattolayer for the lashes and liners from AXE)

THE TOP is from  guess what yeaaah PINK ACID she has some cool you might think looks small but damn  has lots of goodies!! and good prices!  " Pink Acid Razor Back Half Top - Pink"

prim teeth from  DeeTaleZ and a lip tatto from belleza

TRIDENT necklace and earings.. if you into roleplay and stuff i strongly recomendate to go to this store it has many funny details and  things in here a  large sortiment!
Celtic Heart Necklace I [Silver/Sapphire] [Chest]
  Celtic Heart Earring I R [Silver/Sapphire]

  exept that i am wearing the piercings from PEKKA and the cross earing thingy to
eyes from insufferable dastard, skin Al vulo &  shape home made mix! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

           PINK ACID          PINK ACID          PINK ACID          PINK ACID          PINK ACID

 EYELINER "Pink Acid Egyptian Goddess Eyeliner" the lines is mixed with a tatto layer of my own as well

Heart in face " Pink Acid Heart Throb Face Make-Up -Hot Pink" this one makes a glancy gloss to ;)

Top: "Pink Acid Long Sleeve Argyle/Plaid Shirt V.2 -Pink"

Pants:  "Pink Acid Leopard Knee Pad Leggings - Pink" they are  HAWT

i love this  find  all from basic til the most marking attitudes GO VISIT the store
  so looot PINK so  i add a pink song!

P!nk - F**kin' Perfect 


NEWS at UNA´s "Heidi Dress Blue" you find it in other colors as well. its mesh and its very very sweet  on
I LOVE IT <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

                                                                    She Wolf

slave outfit from Delicious "Rajidah Fucsia" fits the sweetest girls in our fantasy world;)
with the outfit i am wearing one skin from DELICIOUS... light and cool one with have many options on it as  well check it out! "Leire Sunkissed"
if you look at the recent post i made and pic..its from same maker DELICIOUS..and as you see it has lot different styles..i let this amazing dress speak of its self..i feel like a snow queen..and the dress has many different layers and options..such as the lovely details of wearings go go go go

                                                      "francesca blue"

cool outfit for huntress at DELICIOUS
"Vendetta Flahdah" notice the awsome scarf!!! go get it yourself, you will not be dissapointed..AND you can mix and match with thoose items to your other outfits..dont need to be a huntress..only have its hungry heart^^
A Hawt slave outfit from DELICIOUS "Jessenia Red" the store has lot to offer, make a visit there, and it looks really good on ENJOY

the hair is from Redmint   (r)M ~ Hair(Mesh) No.03 ~ Cool White Gold

Love Zandra!
Damn i  glory the time back time. missing the moments with my old Tribe. theres been tears laughter and  the best time ever..if i was back that time i would pick this outfit right away! its pretty cool..very nice details and nature like ME LIKES! Again from the nice store DELICIOUS the outfit named "Bianca Crimson"

The hair is from Redmint
(r)M ~ Hair(Mesh) No.02 ~ Amber Gold
A pretty dress from Delicious. "Daisy Curry" The store has many different styles and outfits for different roles .. some i found really funny the details on many outits suchs as theit hats or their boa or yeah all kind of.. you better go and will find that they  have skins there as well..the owner has make each outfit in a way so you can  play with it..with that i mean you are able to wear it in different ways ..example this dress i could mix and match to make to slave outfit as well...go look its worth a visit and good prices!

Pretty chick up stuff a JeSyLiLo the store is very sweet and lots of hidden things in the corners;) im wearing two different eyes on thoose pics from her store and the two  tattolayers that covers the face

on upper pic: *JeSyLiLO*::Tattoo.Face::*Dantel.x1 

on second pic under:  *JeSyLiLO*:::BrokenEyes:::*Pink
i still suggest go visit the store in game.. its sweet and has a wide sortiment... i even noticed some  child  skins  but havnt tried out,,they are pretty sweet. or else there is all from ground to heaven ^^

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

On a Lark 25 linden tuesday..if youre fast you get one of this lovely dresses..RUUUUN.... its lots of colors and it comes with the lace and armwarmers..the cape...and a  necklace
9 different colors . simple said the dress is awsome and it looks damn good on..Mesh
"Burlap Grey"  is the one im wearing

Monday, November 12, 2012

My man make me complete and have given me the most wonderful thing we could share, to carry our child . Soooooooooo i thought what would be better to introuduce the  lovely body  decoration then not on a preggers woman ^^.  its  sexy and it feels natural, beat that! im comming up with more from this maker
TRIDENT. you must go there, you gonna get surpriced how big area it is and full of surprices and funny things you find all from juwelerys and clothing DETAILS  and some real good roleplay stuff...  if make a visit there you wont be dissapointed either role you are..adds: lovely face  masks there as well!

                                      "Trident Winter Dryad [Frozen] [Box]"


just wanna add this song as it means much to me;) 


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Dress From Knickknack ..the store  is absolutely worth to go visit..their mateial looks so realistic , like nature basic organic kind of
This is named "[kk] Minna" and you can find more color of it
i suggest you look over their  outfits they are amazing and good fit perfect for roleplay

 Pink Acid Egyptian Goddess Eyeliner , i LOVE this using a black shaded under it but the main eyeliner from Pink Acid makes a very good marking , doesnt the name speak
 for it self? = Egyptian Goddess^^

 Pink Acid Breeze Lipstick - Peach 12 pack  many lovely colors and  it fits good on the lips

 the mouth credit card is from  !!Beauty[S]hop!! credit card

Hair you get from burley and this is one of my favourite one "[BURLEY]_Lola_LBlonde04"

  i found an other cool store where i got this lace mesh top im wearing..if you go in the store  you will see what i mean.. i put the link up "mesh black feather lace Frill Top Mini Dress S" at Paisley Daisy 

the black fuzzy eyeshadow is from koketka  the tatto lashes is from AXE   Teeth, prim ones from DeeTaleZ
 Skin Al Vulo "Livia"    & Pekka piercing "Miracle"  Eyes "Insufferable Dastard"

i found this VERY nice outfit at Gorean the gorean room above may´s Soul and UNA and LUAS and Torvis and soo find the good offers....very low prices. this dress i got for 50 L , very simple but i love it "LUAS HILDEGARD PURPLE"

Boots From Vigo "Hunters Boots", Hair From Magika  "Break"

Friday, November 2, 2012

just goofing around..found  this sweet pumpkin outside LEO store so gotta grab the moment right?
                                       This is an outfit from DELICIOUS "maharani tangerine"     
                                       Skin from DELICIOUS  "Barbara medium Natural"
                                                    This silk is just lovely!!!<3<3<3<3
 The store has lots to offer, you really should go take a  visit over htere , its sweet and has more than a regular store has. the sortiment is  wide with a mix of an clothing for women, FW, kajirae, panther girls. they offer quality clothes with good prices  . Be cute, original, funny & sexy. Camisk, silks, dresses,kirtle, boots, shoes, veil, hood, gloves, rugs, panther gear, hair, disccounts, freebies 
mix and match.& combine .the outfits has many oportunitys and if you  lucky you get a good grab of the boards around the area. 

Store has more thatn fabrics to offer. which means skins go grab a demo to see which one that fits you...they have many to pick and the options inside  with different marks or even freckles GO GO GOOOOO
here is the link

i choosed to put in a cool makeup , as you see i wear a yellow orange lipstic, go get it from Pink Acid
"Pink Acid alter ego eyelahes & lipgloss 24 pack" it rocks!! 
hmmm i wanna focus first on this awsome shirt...i know you can see what i mean..look in my movement how the mesh follows  its so nice !! you will find this one at ".:cheeky:." its named "summer tunika"
you can find this in more colors and it has the alpha layers and different sizes for your fit!!

the pants is from an other favourite store of mine. *Fishy Strawberry* "Moto pants hunter"

awww thoose boots..they are sooooo nice! you get them at Vigo and they  excist in many colors..not so expencive either "Hunting boots"

Check out Sabotage tatto layer  different  kinds of ;) this one is named  "Cane Marks".. and the layers comes in many so you can either wear it as an  tatto layer or cloth layer ENJOY your role play or look of style
Sabotage you find  at Vigo on a vendor..or on marketplace... wanna go there  you just click on Sabotage`s sign beside on this blog.. it takes you there directly online

Skin im wearing is still the awsome Donna skin from MOJO

The hair ! run and buy! only 75 lindens in many colors at elikatira... the cheap  price is only limited til 5th of november  its named "Interrupt"

Collar from Forge...can just say they are awsome.. some of the best  ones!!!

Blindfold i found long ago from *Epic*

Ohhhhhhhhhh where to start RUBS HER HANDS

we start from top! the hair is 75 linden on limited time til 5th november HURRY!!!! at  [elikatira]         [e] Interrupt - Blonde 10    and it fits good  smexy one

the skin NEW one from have to visit that skin store they have many amazing skins and after i tried a few  i cant  complain on any on the body  parts  winkles this one is named Donna Cocoa. comes in many make up options and different tones so test the demo out before picking the one you like or even better take the whole package!!

NOW to the new goodies i have found a sweet store named .:cheeky:. both the sexy pants and the raaaawwwrrr top is from the store..the store is very sweet and has also some awsome skins in it.. suggest strongly you go there..i have already glanced some cool pants and jackets there that im gonna go claim
The pants : "skinny cuff jeans! flowers"     you can find in other colors plain as textured MESH
the top: "Autumn Sweater" Black mesh
the pants really rocks!  usually i would complain on pants but thoose are perfect mesh made ones!!!! here is the link to her sweeeeeeeet store!!

da shoooooooes : ::STOKED!:: Stokies Sneakers
the weapons, plastic toys ..grins naaah  its just for the roleplay.... bink bink bink
love ZAN<3

Thursday, November 1, 2012

What does it takes to stop your habits. No this wont stop me.....

NEW hair from Wasabi, sexy   hair with hairband falls good and smooth on "Amelie" its mesh, you  find it at Wasabi Pills

Sexy Lace for woman with skills^^ be a tiger or just a bad bandido, as you wish;) you get this cool tatto layer at Pink Acid, it goes in 3 forms... to  pick of... full one is with blush and lipstick as can also get this in white "Black Swan Face Make-up-part2"
Then we have this cool shoes also from Pink and you find it in a few more colors..make a visit to the store,, its sweeet and harmonic, with a quite signature on it. "Pink Acid Pumpkin Wedge -Magenta"

For the BAD girls thats not allowed to shop you get whipped ^^ this is a back wip marking goes even up under my hair... the store "Sabotage" has its vendor up in Vigo-Area..or else you find the creations at marketplace i will  put the link up    
 online spot:


DONT FORGET TO VISIT FaMESHed!!!!!! i link online adress to!!!

 Grab the link and go there... a lots of news on the mesh side have pleeeeenty of store new  here <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
Different views of a cozy outfit from LUAS "LUAS Ellaria Berry" you can get this outfit in berry, brown & green , includes the bootd the belt top, pants and the necklace ENJOY!!!

the sweet tatto layer in my face formed as a heart is from Pink Acid that comes in many colors..good price!!! the layer adds the lip gloss as well^^  "Heart throb Face make-up-pink"

the hair i wear is from Lelutka named "Ariel"
"Coughs" i looove pink  and what wouldnt be better than wearing some details of it^^ . i got the luck to  find the store Pink Acid.. i just  love it, its a real pleasure  to go in that store . she has a lots of make ups..i would call them  signature makeups.. there are a lot of them colorfull. im gonna show further on blog more of her work, she has for example : lashes, lipsticks (in MANY differeent options), freckles, blush..eye laces, and lots more..exept that she has some very cool clothing! o this  picture i am wearing a shirt and jeans-shorts from her store Pink Acid  it comes together. "Pink Acid Argyle Tops & Jean Short Outfit V.3-updated" (not mesh)

Then we have this lovely eye-makeup "Pink Acid Rainbow Bright Eyeliner, Eyeshadow & Blush"
you can choose between two tatto layers..with or without blush <3

Hair is from lamb! "Blue Velvet"   (mesh)            &                 the necklace is from  KOSH " Shane"
The pip is from LEO "Squirrel Pipe" not sure if it exist anymore it was old time gift, it has this option to  wear with or without bubbles..
the eyes : from my favourite eye store Insufferable Dastard "Liquid eyes / Mens Dept/ Dark Blue"
Almost forgot! the skin is awsome!! from Al Vulo "Livia natural bronze"