Wednesday, October 31, 2012

An other lovely creation from Silk Worms , this is a mesh creation  and its all in one piece  luff´s it!! you can get this is 4 different colors/textures, it ALSO includes  long aswsome brown boots go check it out at Silk Worms "Luna Girl/Child"
I LOVE THIS ONE <3  Silk Worms is just so amazing ^^ first of all get a tour there and you will see what i mean..and how she has set up the store looks  good and its fun to walk around there on different levels ..i am a free woman in gor but that will not stop me from using this outfit NO WAAAY  MIX& MATCH is the keyword^^ Creation by Silk Worms "Kirtle Kisses" not mesh
love  Zandra!
hehehe i had quite fun making this picture..i like  poses and  photo-thingys and this was a moving one..did for sure had to  take a few ones before i  catched one that included the wholde body and outfit! this outfit i got course i have perved it  a time back, you see the skirt part is so damn nice! shotly said hahaha how it moves how it looks and how it fits, so i just gotta get it.. you will find this in two colors at Silk Worms named "Kirtle Slope kid leather" not mesh

The hair is from ^;^CaTwA^;^ Emma/Champagne
"Killer Kirtle - Brown" From Silk Worms... i got over this awsome kirlte in mesh fit  smoothly on  body
you  can get it in 3 different colors  fawn, brown  & funky.. all in  earth harmonic tones go go go!!!

Silk Worms

First time i have glanced the store Silk worms was back i the start of my gor time as a panther. And as all of my favourite picked stores they only get better and better, so i strongly suggest to  have a visit to this one..Silk Worms Has a lot to offer..for all kind of roles..and  dont forget you can mix and match..the store offers mesh and none mesh , what you waiting for? This lovely dress i am wearing excist in many colors you just gotta try  it..and its mesh one! comes with necklace and bracelet . " Mantra - blue Floral" is it named.

Death Row

OHH MY... think i got one or two bones in my throat!!! haha funny and cruel  outfit from Death Row
You really should  go visit first experiences with Death Row many years ago was for their awsome boots they are HAWT ..the poor turkey i stabbed in my mouth comes with the horror blood mouth tatto as well
 DRESS: DRD tubedress sexy dress special pack...."red goth"
its about 5 different packages of same style dresses each package has different colors in it... and it fits smooth..its mesh and has the layers and different sizes to pick from.
turkey +tatto :"DR gore turkey mouth"

the hair i am wearing is from Wasabi Pills..elegant and glamourish " Veronica Mesh Hair" Golden

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

new skin new hair new glasses and a wide  pretty smile, can it be better^^
okay just found out the new skin on Al Vulo and its AWSOME, the skin has 4 kind of levels...each one has different make up "Livia , natural bronze"

Eyes the one and only love of my  life  eyes Insufferable Dastard  the one i am wearing "Light sensitive , light brown. eyelashes my trick is to make a nicer look to wear both a prim one and a tatto tatto layer is from AXE..the prim lashes  comes from  Crissy Design **irresistible Look Eyelashes**

 this awsome primteeth is from DeeTaleZ..only wearing the upper part...they have a few choices so go and have a look of the different  styles..i have tried a few teeth prims and thoose are the one that catched my intresse most

Piercings comes from dear Pekka store..i guess i wont need to say much about it, they just rocks...please check their blog its very inspiring and updated  before you reach to blink..with the newest and hottest^^

The Hair, is from Wasabi...Mesh and reziseable!!!Wasabi Pills "Gloria Golden"  i love this one and they got plenty of more..and  when i visited them earlier i  got a headsup  over an event that starts tomorrow, i will put that up in its own picture " FaMESed" where they gonna give this rocking hair

my my my my mine mine mine Glasses makes you into an other role  go get them at Leo!

hasta la  vista baby!!! ZAN
Hair Wasabi
glasses Leo
dress from !STC
i guess we all love fancy dresses once in a while^^ this one rocks put  it on and you will see what i mean NO its not mesh.. mesh isnt always the best...rolls her eyes.... then to the hair...awwww LOVES it has plenty from this store and this updo will never die from being stylish!!

                                 the dress you can get  from Rfyre its named " Snowqueen pale blue"
                                  Then we have this lovely hair from ""D!va"" Hair "Ema2" (Cat's eye)
                        Da freaking awsome glasses  you get from ::LEO-NT:: LUCKY CLOVER <3 >glasses<
                         Skin Al Vulo


There really is a jungle of skins in SL and you will always find some goodies hidden in the is a lovely skin from Jesylily ..the skin is pale and the clevage is vell done... even the makeup and  eyebrows makes the avatar have its own style- ME likes! "limitedbazaar"

Jesylily has a few events.. there is a few on going now..such as  photocontests and "find the pumkin"
                                   15sept-20oct... votes will be counted the 19th oct
Go visit the store its very cute and cozy.. i enjoyed wander around there AND its skins for men here to.
you will find more than that..she has nice  creation of younger skins...there is eyes selections
HAHAHA must mention she  has this awsome corner she call it  "TrashStuff of JesyLilo" and i can tell its not trash its funny  good things like dresses skins sandals necklaces tattos & art
                                               AND ALL this for 10-50 lindens
                         Run and shop!!! url is linked to the side of my blog in supporter tab
                                                         <3 ZAN

Silk Worms

With a dress like this oyu  have many oportunities such  in roleplays to elegant surroundings even to mix it to a wandering style... has many colors and different textures, im gonna put up more of this lovely style of a dress , you can  find this at Silk Worms  its mesh and has many sizes in it , i just love the colors an  smooth textures on it  , this one is named "Mantra - red rose"

The pale soft skin is from  Jesylilo ":::limitedBazaar:::*Lightskin*" in the skin you  can pick to use the  mascara tear  or not, which is  very good!

Hair: is from one of my favourite makers Burley..they have many hairs both mesh and none mesh ..this is mesh named "Sirah_LBlonde04"
( R E D ) M I N T ~ No.07 (F) ~ Champagne AMAZING  hair the details are so very nice!!!
the tounge you find there as well.  (r)M ~ (TONGUE) Plugs & Piercing (1)     with lots of options..the upper part piercing is on it as well
 ( r e d ) M i n t ~ ( H a i r )
up to -50% price cut @ (red)Mint for all Hair!

(till end of October’12)

 the lovely tatto is from Pekka store and the bra from Gawk
ROFL this hairstyle has so much to say and you can really  put it in different winkles, i love it.. its like you having an angel on one side of your shoulder and the Devil on the other one^^  (r)M ~ Hair No.01 (Mesh)
Red mint has a lots of hairs and  all hair in many different colors... dont forget its 50 percents off until end of  October!
 Still not to late!!!!!!
( r e d ) M i n t ~ ( H a i r )
up to -50% price cut @ (red)Mint for all Hair!

(till end of October’12)

This hair has theese three awsome ponytails which makes it very cool, i like it a lot , its a mesh version and this is named No.05 Black ENJOY!!! <3 zandra

Monday, October 29, 2012

sexy and relaxed outfit from Luas enjoy! it come in  three colors "luas Dalla Purple" is the one i am wearing.. there is also pretty green and blue one to! Mesh!
hair from
welldressed yet so slutty.. comes in Black , purple & red...  its a Luas creation "Luas Anika Camisk Red"
i love how the socks forms on the legs and how the kamisk gives the sexy back over it..and a well formed horn-leg-band and bangles includes...  the cape is awsome and coooooozzzzyyy / Love Zandra
"Luas Isadora Silks Red" its sooooo sweeeet! and you found this lovely one in blue and purple Also!!!

hair is from lamb  blue  velvet mesh
Less is more!!!! that is what Luas outfit prooves its hawt!  "Luas Xio pink" you also get this in  Brown and Teal.. includes the sexy cardigan , thong, tatto  and a collar as well and anklet wearings!
you gotta try this outfit... from Luas "Roman Girl Blue" you can find this is white and red as well.
all put together such as  tiara necklace  armbands and the sandals. its just so very nice on! Luas has  a lot to offer in many price levels go and make a good deal with nice outfits
ZAN <3
Luas outfit in mesh, you can find this smexy one in 3 different skirt colors with  respective top color...the beige i am wearing comes with the dark pink. then you have this brown skirt comes with a smooth green top  shirt. and the last so called green skirt, its not so sharp green is mixed with biege and the top layer goes with a deeper redish color!  necklace and headband is included so as the arm warmers "Luas Rashida biege"  is the one i am wearing

the hair is from Ploom seffy
I´ve never been dissapointed in the creations from *On A Lark* shoup shoup go check it out , its good work behind just to fit you! <3

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ohhhhh my i love *OAL* a new lovely outfit
Pashmina Dress and Pashmina Scarf -- Both these come in 9 colors. Try it and you will see what i mean
ENJOY!!! <3<3<3<3<3
Some adds on the lovely outfit from  *OAL* .. its mesh..the boots rocks.. love the tips on them^^
 and it has more colors invest!!!!
Oal V. On a Lark , has always catch my sight of clothing, i just love them!! gonna dig deep in my large inventory and pull up all the goodies they have and pull them up the board..this lovely outfit you find as "Layred berry"
ADD: the hair is smooth as well, me LIKES its from (fd)

When you look at this dress, dont you just wanna touch it?, before i got it i have  observed it a lot..and its even better on the body!!! you will find this awsome creation at  " On a Lark"
"mysterious" its mesh and has many colors!!! i just feel like dance in it . and the veil makes you very mystic^^

what a mix hahaha, ok lets start
the 2 top layers are from Vigo..their complete outfit is as well awsome "Brynhildr goldenrod" and belt to
Knit Scarf from Mr poet ---> zandra looooves this one (btw is a male outfit ROFL..and  had to buy the whole jacket)
Armwarmers from  OAL´s "snug" outfit
Da Pants is one of my favourites,, just love the different part of fabrics on them, its from  Gor Gurls GOOD prices there "Useful brown pants STONE"
BOOTS from lightstar assassin one...many nice colors.. loooove them look at the other styles to..they have PLENTY
gloves, taped fists from sinistyle store
Hair TRUTH  "Havana"
Eyes  from ID
teeth from DeeTaleZ
Skin: al Vulo
pekka piercings belleza tatto layer, and freckles from chelle

"Salandria silks skull black" From Una its so cool... skull belt and skull small top part..with theese fancy gloves as well. the transparency top is just raaawr.its a green version to, its  hawt!
Una creations "Salandria silks skull black"
love zan!

An other view

           YES this outfit looks pretty good in this twisted view;)
                Same pretty silk from UNA store  and it hangs so nice on the body, go try  it, its good price!

Art of beauty

Ohh my i just love this. its an outfit you can describe with many words, its sensual its sexy , its inoccent its sweet.   .etc.  .etc   .   .etc    its an honor for me to represent the fabrics of Una Daxter at UNA store.. dont miss to go there she has many pearls

OUTFIT: " MOmo silks purple" you can get it at Una Store and at Fall Fete 2012 (23-31 october)
AND!!! it has so many nice colors such as : Brown blue and green
the silks includes  collar chains, foot chains, armwarmers to!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012


UNA dress in red "Harriet lady clare red" its smoooooth!!!


UNA UNA UNA             "Harriet lady clare blue"


Dress is  UNA creation.. i found this lovely one at Fall Fete 2012 goooo shop!


Dress from UNA  Hotaru Lady flowers



May´s Soul "Bond in the snow" orange

Old Times


                                                        Just Accept


                         Lovely Skirt from May´s Soul
OUTFIT: Skirt: Corsaria from May´s.     Collar: Forge               Hair: Wasabi


i just love this slave outfit from May´s Soul.. its simple and  has what you need..loves the chains and that it is black;)
 OUTFIT: "Dunno" at May´s Soul


                                                                     May´s Soul
This outfit you will find in  Gorean Room for a very good price..and its RAAAWR if you into the wild

OUTFIT:  Anubis... it comes with  the  leg and arm warmers as well..AND also the cool tatto

(Skin : Al vulo            necklace: KOSH       hair: elikatira           gloves: sinistyle and *DL*
  teeth:  DeeTaleZ   piercings: Pekka)
                                                        make your dreams come true

Thursday, October 25, 2012

                                             Miss Trouble!
                                 lovely mesh outfit from Freya
                                       luvs Fishy Fishy Fishy
                                         Fun at Fishy´s
                                           smooth taste
I swear im gonna live in this angel outfit and fly where my wings takes me , you find it in Freya´s Store