Monday, January 28, 2013

Boots from DLS      meshtunic from Chain and Vine
this was the lovely lil dress i was looking for and it was  a may find it in many other colors as well even the undershirt and the  lovely amore angel is from !go! 1 linden each

!gO! Sophie - dress
!gO! Arsenic And Old Lace - top

when clicking the angel it respond with " i love you"
1 linden cloud from !go! you take your AO of and simply wears it and you can click the cloud to get different test in the baloon such as : AFK, GO AWAY, MY SPACE & BUSY
!gO! My space Cloud
dress in mesh from !go! 1 linden...what you waiting for. go have a look at this lovely store
!gO! vintage dress 
this is maybee how people think about sweden.but nonono, dont let the innocence fool you ;)
 Dress, bunny & basket from !go! 1 linden each sweeeeeeeeeeet

!gO! *Knitted dress*
*Easter basket* 
Snowy Rabbit
more from !go! a lovely dool and minidress in mesh.. 1 linden each as well
                                              !gO! Christmas Doll gift 
                                             !gO! *country girl* - GIFT

                        "         !gO!  jeans dress     "

obs! 1 linden only...just saying....... <3<3<3<3<3<3 ZAN
How funny it is how you notice stores now days... by curiousity  sneaking maybee just random. many gets lazy using the marketplace...nonono dont get me wrong im a sucker for it as well, but nothing  can take away the in wolrd charm of a pretty sweet little i have found was a pleasure to find this little  cutie one named "!go!"  . i met my ICLY daughter and notice her lovely dress/outfit which catch my attention...and a few days later i came over it on a blog so now decided to go have a closer look at it.... best of all it was a groupgift...for a little amount you get ot join this nice group  and as well there is many  good offers for only 1 linden like this top im wearing on the also the awsome teddy rabit im holding....this was the little short story of how to find a store... bloggers do effect and makes their markings... as i was a pleasure to land on this store and the  funny music that was on was so  on its plce!sweet sweet store simple said and the objects not looking as all others...go go go go go have a look at "!go!"

                                     "   !gO pumpkin dress /mesh free    "
                                                 "   Santa Bunny    "

                 in world link to her store:

Friday, January 25, 2013

Adjunct - Churchwarden Style Pipe
:V.e. Jewelled Hotpants
:V.e. Boned Corset With Bow
::Exile:: Collide:Sable
mesh mesh mesh...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Would like to introduce you to a new lovely maker and store of "Slave DreSSing RooM"
the store is really sweet and very good prices...mostly for slaves, but i see the posibilites to mix and match to make a combination of free woman to^^ this coat is just AWSOME "*SLAVE* Frill Coat"
you can see that the store is cared for..all the sweet details and added some  hunting moment and there is a gift part...
in world store teleport:

 ENJOY!!! loves Zandra!

i love this dress, you may find it at *OAL* On a Lark. its mesh and it  fit the body curves and all, just looks very nice on, one of my favourites top top. "*OAL* Simplicity" .. in many colors!!,....the outfit actually comes with a white undershirt and a lovely mesh shrug, that  i have choosed not to use in this picture as i  like to introduce  this nice feather shrug as well, its from LWL.. the Tiara is from  lassitude & ennui you find a few more colors of it

Pandaman, my nerd, im his groupie of its own 

the hoodie "Hoodie sport Panda" in mesh and different sizes
from UNA store. lots of pretty things there for good prices..mesh as none mesh

This is for Pandas helicopter style at home, at least how i imagine  he does to this song
oooooooohhhoooo but shhh

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A lovely Cloak from LWL  "[LWL] Enchanted Cloak"

hair from TRUTH " >TRUTH< Winter - night"

The head piece and necklace is form a new lovely outfit from Gspot ".:GSpot:. Serenity "

Adds this clip course i loveeeee Pixie Lott

Monday, January 14, 2013

 two lovely outfit from TRIDENT. i love this has a very wide sortiment and DEFINATELY worth a visit. you find the most you need there;) well just make a visit and u see what im talking about

on top picture i wear an outfit named " Trident Winter Furs [White Wolf Fur] [Box]"  this is very useful.. for roleplay u can combinate it to different roles using some parts. as free, slave or absolutely great!!

on both pics im wearing this awsome wreath in the hair luuuuuvs it "Trident Winter Wreath [Frozen]"

pic 2 smexy smoch ... lots of thin chain to play with...absolute great dared outfit for it! the contrast  of the fabric hanging and the bareskin holding the chains, maks it expressions of attitude  in an exciting the attitude dresses up the inner fire "Trident Pleasure Slave II [Gold/Purple] [Box]"
a talent singing a swedish made song ...good combination^^

A fancy cool easy mesh dress from Death Row. you can get it in  9 colors.."longdress blackstripes  it really looks good on , and is nice with movements^^ i really think you should take a visit this find a lot different things  - full avatars - cool make ups, - outfits- BOOTS... this was why i first  notice this store..and it has formed to the better..just saying <3

 the hat i choosed from an outfit i have that is from *OAL* on a lark
 "*OAL* Coco ~ Snow"

Monday, January 7, 2013

AWSOME slave outfit at LUAS ,details are very nice, its mesh and the blindfold and collar and the metal includes go go go go its smexy on^^ & thanks Panda love for letting me molest you always. my man my master my friend my lover my all <3<3<3 " LUAS ANASTASIA BLACK"

Elikatira store.. many nice hairs here mesh as prim hairs, i like thoose course of the good fit of head.. here is a later one she have on board ^^ "[e] Sound "

Thursday, January 3, 2013

AWSOME mesh overall from spirit store.... if youre there go over to the Krasota skin store also, very sweet skins...where i found some goodies . "Spirit Store - Rota rigged mesh overall" is the name of the lovely one and you find it in many colors
Hair---  ">TRUTH< Aurora"
the squirrel pipe and butterfly ring was group gift from LEO store

the bare clothing is from UNAs "Feather Dalana White" comes with the nice red tatto
hair is from ploom..mesh. with color and rezise hud. ".ploom. Ark - Blondes"

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv to molest you^^

                                                             MUCHI panties down
                                                          [knickknack] knitted sock
                                                         <TheAbyss> [Black] Corset

Mesh part bond outfit from UNA..very sweeeeeeet "Diana Red Fix" you find this in blue & green as well
the store  is really worth a visit. have lasted a long time, and she constantly updates its creations and its very good prices...
what i been holding tumbs up for lately is htat she has the skirt and tops also  sepaerate, a few of them, and they are cheap and a good mixture to other outfits

the obsessed with hair,, it can be i buy hair daily,, sighs haha , NVM this hair is from ploom
also been a favourite during the  years, mesh as prim hairs, all has their goodies. i been away from ploom a while even  hadnt bother the updates stoore sneaking but i found the romance to it again and filled up my inventory more ;)....(no wonder it takes me 8 min to rezz when i log in) WEll this is one i collected named
"ploom Jemma" a nice color hud goes with it and normally you have 2 sizes on each later hairs which is good..small and large

                                enjoy ZAN <3

i come to think about this song earlier so i will add this once again for you my love... he brings me to many outside games out of sl..TIHII TIHIII , dont know if he should cry or laugh...
Today we explored Arma2...             "ZANDRA get in the car!!!!!" (repeated a serval times)  Panda  & Lashe waits patiently while i try to manage my buttons to jump into the freaking car.. what happens is that my gun starts shoots  (one shoot and the avi is dead muuhahaa)...OOPPPSS... blink blink...this is  a good song Panda <3

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

i love black i LOVE black ;) and i love thoose awsome pants to.!! From HUHU                                                 "+HUHU+ Pant sport vintage size S"

heheh it was a pretty nice skull at dl:: store as i was hunting a crown..its like a skull cave for meeros.. or how it spells, i never been into  meeros i think they only sounds terrible much. OK the lovely mesh slave outfit is from our dear LUAS. "LUAS Crystal Red" it comes with this coin necklace and as well legband and bracelet and belt...i was ordered though to take the  bells off by my man;) hehee hes not really fan  ove the bells, BUT they was very cute. i seen this in  color .. red , yellow and teal...
                             love zandra

A lovely dress from Sweet Pea. "::SP:: Sheperds" one of my favourites..none mesh but the skirt flxie is lovely and dreamy
the shoulder parts does not includes the outfit.
an other lil extra detail is the condom tounge, funny and  dirty^^ you find many funny things at this store
From  " ...:::SCRUBS:::... "

COMMON 25 linden for this awsome outfit in mesh from On a Lark  Ruuuuuun
Discovering Destiny keeps her store in schack thats for sure HI5 hun! WEll i love this outfit the boots is seperately and also 25 linden
its high boots in mesh with no heels ... 25 lindens , its almost free ^^ and you get this in serval colors such as
Coal, Grey, Snow, Sky, Fern, Midnight , Red, Eggplant, Black
the outfit is named " Sweather Days"
The boots you get in Tan, Snow & Coal.. and the  boots are named "Slouchy Boots"
                                Enjoy , love Zan

AND Happy New Year all.. this  song is for you  my love, just course i love you and that im looking forward for fullfill our life of love that is  infinitely. its thoose small things that makes know what i mean <3