Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Same sweet outfit but three different colors  mint , nude & coral. the the shortdress and the shoulderpart is one piece in mesh and with this  its a underlayershirt... it has lots possibilities to combinate with a rough heavy style ^^  you find it at LUAS that also have widden her sortiment to a more urban line with her mainly
 Luas Urban Style - Dolly Dress
Enjoy <3         love ZAN   <3

sweeeeeeeeeet lovely dress from On A Lark again;) and the bucket on the back and the bakery box is just awsome... bad bad me for not wearing the awsome apron as the outfit came with...well i suggest you go have a look, pretty awsome for further rp and decent clothes if worn righ ;)
*OAL* Wash Woman ~ Flour
*OAL* Sticky Buns

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

i showed and worn this dress in other colors here but damn i just love it...
                                      *OAL* Simplicity Dress S ~ Snow
crown               .:GSpot:. Queen of the woods  wood crown
hair                           Magika [Hair Rigged] Plenty
neck fur                        !.RR.!KenzuFur-Grey                                                                                        pipe                    Adjunct - Churchwarden Style Pipe - Lesepfeife-Smoke
headjuvel             ~Soedara~ Circlet of Sheba chained Secret shadows

                                              Robin Stjernberg, with "You" Sweden Eurovision contest

                                               !gO! Mrs. Dracula          

fast cab to the store..u find this  jacket in more colors ^^

a very nice outfit from *OAL* again! comes with  the nice scarf ;)
you better make a fast move, its only 25 linden and you get in in many colors . good for mix and match....the skirt and the top corsette is in mesh also the scarf in many sizes

                       *OAL* Shrouded ~ Eggplant
             & the flowers- *OAL* Quiva Blossoms ~ Multi     100 lindens different colors


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lovely dress from Cloey      "   ::SPE:: Alice [Black]   "
Head crown and branches from two different outfit  of Gspot
"  .:GSpot:. Pussywillow"       ".:GSpot:. Queen of the woods  wood crown"

Hair Magika "Nine"

Thursday, March 14, 2013

a cute tie front top in 6 sizes and a low riding skirt in 7 sizes.  Also included are the beaded belt and necklace.  Demi is available in 10 colors.
this outfit is from *OAL*                "*OAL* Demi"
but you get it at a very low good price at this outletstore


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

lovely mesh outfit from *OAL*      "*OAL*Bolero"
i love to see store owners put a bit interesst in her or his products... and you do for sure find that at On a Lark... this is mainly an outfit for slave... but i see no  hard ways to combinate this to make it a good one for a free as well..add some cool boots or even sandals and a smexy corsette and youre pretty close. what is unique with this out fit and what i was prefering the interest of the store owner to, is that the top jacket has the "Lola" options to, to be worn...sooooo many jacketlayers to choose from...and that is great if you wanna swing your boobs out with an amazing outfit
What includes this buy then? ..... the necklace the belt , pants , jacket and the bra...yeah all this for good prices....make sure to  go to the store, she has many offers weekly
<3 ZAN

                                                   swedish young talent- - - beautiful Zara Larsson

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This is for you babygirl my Luxy gurly...just cause i love you

*OAL* Cleo ~ Midnight

same dress as previous picture just an other color and different worn                                                         the hair is a absolutely lovely in mesh and its FREE at redmint...all colors...with tips or on tips...plenty plenty  colors to pick between
& the tiara....---   "lassitude & ennui Dreamer tiara - black / rose"

im a sucker at covers...cover lover bish u name it...silly? nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

An other AMAZING dress from Discovering Destiny at *OAL* On A Lark..its mesh and its pretty hot fitting on the  avatar... but i have always been a fan over her new outfits and not gotten dissapointed yet...
each outfit comes with some juicy detail and its easy to mix and match to wear what fits you and your style
and wow so many color option for you to get..i counted to 11 different nyances , lovely
This is the dress name   "*OAL* Cleo ~ Berry"