Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Soon at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival
this lovely outfit from !gO!, designer Gocha Merlin
!gO! Commander 


For your collection of pretty details or even wearable you will find theese nice Air ships that comes  in both wearable version and non-wearable
From Rivendale, owner Irriven

(hair taketomi - Athena and makeup from mons - print)
Sandals Essenz

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


 The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens the 8th of August
Designer Ainaraluas, owner of Luas store is one awsome creator who will be found by all rolling gacha machines
This round she this pretty outfit I am wearing such as the top, beltskirt, legpads, collar-shoulders, and armbracers
all easy to edit and that makes it possible to use and combinate in many other outfits to!
Luas Valkiria
@ FGC soon

[EZ] Might of Demacia Polearm

LR Persian Sword

[LeLutka]-BELLE hair - Marilyn

[Keystone] Vette [Silver/pearl]

Alchemy - Dreams - Wrist - Pink

sandals - Essenz - Florida (Black) @ L´accessories

Zibska ~ Ting Makeup - Robin

Monday, July 28, 2014


Zibska- Lifa ~ Chestplate
Zibska- Lifa ~ Headpiece
@ FGC soon 8 of august
( Zib Scaggs )

[SWaGGa] Viking Pants - White
@ FGC soon

Zibska - Mitzi ~ Indigo (eyeshadow)

Ducknipple bodysuit 

Ferocious - Fleur Armour: Charcoal

~Tableau Vivant~ Summerwind Hair -

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Baiastice_Danika dress-vanilla-

[Stitched] Jack's cape EPIC
(mainly for men, but I see no problem to wear it on a woman either^^ )
@ FGC soon
( Adele Bumblefoot )

::AME:: Lian Collar Onyx -Rare-
@ FGC soon
( Dylan Eun )

.:EMO-tions.. * TORUNN * bracer
TORUNN warpaint 2
.:EMO-tions.. * TORUNN* earring
@ FGC soon
( Mirja Mills )

{N} Norse Faun Horns *King God - Odin* ( Nerdology)
@ FGC soon
( Azlyn Shamrock )

[Keystone] Glam'yr - Silver - Onyx

*Cila*YuanWu FangTianHuaJi Spear-raer
@ FGC soon
( Comilla1023 )

{N} Norse Faun Leg *Odin*
@ FGC soon

[LeLutka]-ADILE hair - MarilynFade

Friday, July 25, 2014


We getting closer to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival event to open, 8th of August
Aymee Monk, owner of Keystone is one Designer participating, delivering with this pretty headpiece
[Keystone] Maise - Gold /  Pearl ~ Chained [RARE]
@ FGC soon....

 Azlyn Vaher owner of Yasum Design is yet an awsome designer who will participate on the Fantasy Gacha Event this round
This pretty cool collar will be one hot roller i bet, scripted and none scripted. So nice texture and just look at the awsome neckpart details!
 Yasum*MESH*Capture Me*SNOW
@ FGC soon...
Make sure to have a visit at her mainstore, its rebuildt and soooo many lovely items 

!gO! Toga - Greek white

Essenz - Florida (White)
:::LP::: Eva_Studded Bag - Smoke

.Enfant Terrible. Decor Armor shoulder silver & necklace

+ Thorned Halo + Gold
@ MP  -  + Aii ~ The Ugly and Beautiful +

 little bones. Water Me

{D.A} Shattered - Glass

Thursday, July 24, 2014

small event add^^

There is a very very small event going on, with only a few gacha machines
This GoT inspired rug will be find there. Original mesh, made by Zach Kaststein
owner of Zabe Design
the machines has low roll costs & the rug you get in two versions, one animated and one pure without
also here is the  marketplace link @ MP

When i was at the little event i found this little pig gacha machine, with a few different sit options.
very cute to fill in a sweet area
 THE FACTORY - Piggy puff chair


Tuesday, July 22, 2014


[The Forge] Elise Pauldron R, Rust
[The Forge] Bauble Necklace.

Teriotrope, owner Adira Spingflower will have this pretty hair pieces on the August Fantasy Gacha Carnival
>glYph< Sakura Hairstick with Pearl Common *pink*
>glYph< Sakura Hairfan Common *rose*
@ FGC sooooon....
lovely dress part , with a special good offer only today at On A Larks 25 L tuesday
*OAL* Adena
 *OAL* Pearl Veil
@ On A Lark

little bones rabbit hair

Monday, July 21, 2014


!dM Satine pearls and cuffs & collar

*{Junbug}* Rosamarie Skirt [Blush] - 

 *S* Flo BandanaTop 

~Tableau Vivant~ Lusch Hair - S - Summer

Pretty bag from Black Pearl, Owner yasay
now at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival this August
 [BP] The Keeper ultra rare

Sunday, July 20, 2014


The Fantasy Gacha Carnival is getting closer, soon the August round will beginn
Designer Yasay, owner of Black Pearl will have this lovely Back detail up, the so called War Fan
[BP] War Fans Ultra Rare
@ FGC soon!
While you wait, here is the mainstore link

Cool either slave dress or use it as a top layer that i done here
be found at Teriotrope, owner Adira Spingflower
[Teri] Genefe Dress  Black

-tres blah- Riding Boot  - Black

ISON - moto leather pants (black)

Von Strauss INC -Silver Gauntlets

[The Forge] Face Art - Gold right
[The Forge] Chain Tunic Normal (Black/Gold)

[EZ] Staff of Damascus, Sword -novo2.04 (Black/Gold)

Lamb. Strangelove

Gawk! Black Wool Pullover 

+Nuuna+ Ina Black

 [Thistle Do] Palm Streak - Black @ MP

-UtopiaH- Hera Jagged Crown Onyx

Dead Apples Shattered - Glass

PXL teeth @ MP

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Lovely mesh scarf made By Titan Footman owner of Equinox
::EQ:: Wolfy Pink

-tres blah- Riding Boots - black

 the muses . Rainha . Mail suit . Black 

TRUTH HAIR Delta - Browns03

MONS / Makeups - Eyeliner Lux - bronze

The pants & armor are from a full outfit at Ravensoul...yeeeeeah a Male outfit, who said I cant wear male stuff?
I love the knickers mesh pants and the armors are cool along it
RS Onslaught Complete Male black

*League Wide Belt 2Hipsters~Black
a good add for the waist not to show any belly^^

*SLAVE* MeSh CorSeT (nr3)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

No Distractions

 The secret Affair is open and sooo many pretty things
This lovely dress and details, even the skin is made by
 Designer Nina Helix, owner of Birdy
Alchemy - Dreams  
( dreamer skin, dress, bracers, shoulders, collar, lamb, & eyepatch)

Designer Sigifaust, owner of ieQED


!lamb. Craft Spells (Mesh) - Blur Root

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Worth Fighting for

The secret Affair is now up rolling!
here is yet a little taste from the event, if you havnt visit it yet, i strongly suggest u take a ride over

Peqe - Rose
Designer Inex Hax, owner of Peqe
You should as well take a look at the mainstore which has sooooo maaaaany pretty outfits!
This skirt though you find 

-DRD-  Brynhild armor 
Designer Jaimy Hancroft, owner of DRD

Damon Pinelli, owner of Enigma 
swags over with some awsome bracers this round on The Secret Affair
 :Enigma: Chained Arms Brown Rare

 RO - CogsWorth Horns Container
A very wellknown Designer who put up thoose pretty horns to our fantasy world
Nimvade, owner of Remarkable Oblivion - RO

22769 ~ [accessories] Leafes Necklace Gold
22769 ~ [accessories] Roses Tiara Gold [rare]
Designer Paco Pooley, owner of 22769

PFC~Knight Shield - hell

 Gawk! Black Vintage Body

MONS / Makeups - Eyeliner Print - snake

LR Black Hawk Combo [Klaive/Polearm]

TRUTH HAIR Delta - Browns03

 Alchemy - Ritual - Chin - Silver

Alchemy - Ritual - Chin - Silver


Today is finally the date when the Secret Affair event opens
I wish you a joyfull shopping along thoose amazing designers who had gathered for this event
Event creator, Manna Stoneshield


Druunah Esharham is a wellknown designer who participates in many events, delivering awsome creations, all from furniture, to outfits, to accessoires and lot more
and its freaking amazing ones, I really suggest you to go visit the mainstore if not knowing about it already
anyways on the Secret Affair this round , this pretty dress will be ready to be yours!
(dress collar, sleeves, bracers& ring) (++ huds nd seperate corsette if so wish to play it along to outer smexy outfit)
.aisling. Valentine -Lace

An other favourite of mine when it comes to designers is the person behind Contraption
I am so addicted to the musicboxes, the collection is like my babies and you should go get thoose to, they are magical, classy details to pretty up your living
Designer Faust Steamer
And on this round of The Secret Affair event this amazing Mask will be up
[ContraptioN] Masks: Oberon's Crown
@ The Secret Affair

Sandals from Teriotrope, Adira Spingflowers 25L offer this tuesday, Enjoy they are awsome and many colors!
[Teri] Allison Sandals Bronze Buttons Grey
@ Teriotrope, new mainstore location!

Monday, July 14, 2014


A few hours left before The Secret Affair opens

*OAL* Sidney's Gem Lace Cuff & collar
Designer Discovering Destiny, owner of On A Lark
@ The secret Affair event

 [Tia] Masquerade Jewel
has this nice hud to change the different details textures;)
Designer Tia Biscuit, owner of Tia store
@ The Secret Affair

 *May's Soul* Princess day- eternum headpiece
Designer May Tolsen owner of May´s Soul
@ The Secret Affair

MONS / Makeups - Eyeliner Print - zebra

Magika [Hair] Serene

 {D.A} Shattered - Chocolata

-David Heather-Escouade Top & skirt/Nude

teeth - PXL- @ MP


 a quote from William Shakespeare

Soon my dear friends this lovely event opens
15th of July

The Secret Affair

Our Creative Tia Biscuit delivers with this lovely bed, this round
It is very romantic & detailed
Her pretty creation comes with the cool hud and innocent as naughty poses
a must have!
[Tia] Aristocrat Bed

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Do you Remember

 Te Secret Affair
opens the 15th of July
LM soon^^
Gocha Merlin, Designer and owner of !go!
!gO! Cameo old rose- XS
@ The Secret Affair

*Milk* Hair! Fuzz
@ The Hair Fair
Creative Aymee Monk, made this lovely headpiece, owner of Keystone
[Keystone] Jalilah - Gold / Red
@ The Secret Affair

MONS / Makeups - Sunny Smoke Eyeshadow - night
@ m o n s

.Atomic. {Unicorn Horn} Necklace
.Luminary. designer Augurer with a pretty dress and jewels - Armor
Demeter - Blurple
Demeter cuff & shoulders
@ The Secret Affair

pr!tty - Lanna - .Light Roots.
@ The Hair Fair

Miamai_TheFairyCourt_Mask Rare 03
@ The secret Affair
Designer Pill Kanto, & Designer Monica Outlander owner of Miamai
will be having this cool headpiece at the Secret Affair this round
Miamai_The Dreaming Faun - headpiece - Silver
@ The Secret Affair

pr!tty - Rae -
@ The hair fair

A designer who knows how to put up cool dresses is Areve , owner of -Pixicat-
-Pixicat- Royal.Dress
@ The Secret Affair

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Just be Free

The Secret Affair is just around the corner
The event opens the 15th of July, created and hold by Manna Stoneshield
Connected with awsome designers who makes our sl " world " time" in schack;)

We have designer Ainaraluas, owner of Luas store
who deliver this pretty outfit - skirt-top-armor-collar
Luas Ophelia
@ The Secret Affair

Ravenghost Interior's  Midsummer Night's Chandelier
Designer Ravenghost7
@ The Secret Affair

An other pretty shape at the Secret Affair is Designer Pucca Firecaster
owner of PFC- Pucca Firecaster Creations
There will be a male outfit and also this pretty feather mask that has a cool hud to it
PFC~Night Queen
@ The Secret Affair

Stitched Alerie sleeves
@ The Secret Affair
Designer: Adele Bumblefoot

Fur Stole from Fishy


Friday, July 11, 2014


Designer Aikea Rieko, owner of Plastik
Her items on this event has many colors to offer, ready to fit each outfits;)
:[P]:- Aaravali Headdress [Wisp-MAT]:// Angelus
:[P]:- Alaric Circlet [Full]:// Ethereal-MAT
@ The Secret Affair soon!

Umazuma Metaluna, designer and owner of the Skinnery
[theSkinnery] Masquerade Black Ink 2
@ The Secret Affair soon!

Damon Pinelli, owner of Enigma have made this lovely scarf. He suggested it to suit men, but it looks absolutely amazing on to woman to, plus you can move it and edit it fine. So you woman just SHOOT
:Enigma: CHained Scarf White
@ The Secret Affair soon!

-Pixicat- TheDark.Dress
@ rhapsody

Yasum*MESH*Pagan Folk Gloves
@ Yasum
Tee*fy Sienna Gladiator Sandal Black
@ Collabor88

+Spellbound+ Toothbrush // Blondes
@ collabor88

{D.A} Shattered - Ruin
@ Dead Apples

*May's Soul* Africa necklace
@ The Countdown Room