Monday, March 30, 2015

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dear Future

*May's Soul* the end  - Molotov bottle- the last plant- & neck chain
Designer May Tolsen

.Things.- Maita Tattoo Faded
Designer Nheria

.charme. Del Salmon - Headband
Designer Patina Edwardstone

ISON - wednesday dress 

Moon. Hair. // Kinderfeld   (silent.acoustic)


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Thousand Stars

.Keystone. Mecaedin - Silver  - Sapphire - Headpiece
Designer Aymee Monk

Moon. Hair. // Kinderfeld

.:GSpot.. Imogens Headpiece Pastels 3 ( Store closed)

MONS / MESH - Septum Ring (style15)  rosegold

IKON Hope Eyes - Dune 

Yasum*MESH*Elven Gown*

.Loud Mouth. - Alli

DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Piercing


Monday, March 23, 2015


 Theese pretty dresses you will find @ Four seasons " spring "
Check the little video I add to see how the pretty butterflies are moving in the dress
Event creators Weronika Pobieski & Katia Millet 

Zandra Solo & Criminally Coy:
Jinx (DD) Plom Dress Lavender (on left)
Jinx (DD) Plom Dress Blush (on right)
Designer Julala Demina

Magika [Hair] Listen ( Zandra on left)
[Entwined] Electra ( Criminally on right)
 .:GSpot.. Imogens Headpieces  Pastels

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Break rocks

 Dont miss out to pay a visit to The Fantasy Collective (TFC)
that opened their even 2 days ago.
 The designers does for sure deliver!!!

:V.e. Artemis Dress 
Designer Valentinaevangelista

[EZ] Floatsman's Oar (Sword) 35% & 40 % damage option
Designer Deccan Arida

[SG] Demon Slayer ( bracers)
Designer Caine Engineer

headdress-  [LAB737] Moth Queen Iron
Designer WiredExperiment

*May's Soul* Dorhem jewelry nosechain red
Designer May Tolsen

Magika [Hair] Listen - new

sandals- Essenz - Tijuana (Black)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Love the game

*Figment* Lacuna -Purple
Designer Dreamfantasia Nightfire
soon @ TFC

Kibitz - Eliza headdress - gold
Kibitz - Eliza Necklace - gold
Designer Kathya Szczepanski
soon @ TFC

headdress -  ::Axix:: Sakura Dream {Gold}
Designer Elise Mannequin
soon @ TFC

Foxes - Tarot - Fur Vest - Cream
@ uber

little bones. Lavender (L/tucked)
Designer Nova Faerye
@ The Secret Affair

TFC = The Fantasy Collective  - opens 20 march


.random.Matter. - Chani Nose Chain - Gold/Silver
Designer Nikohl Hax

ieQED (nose and ear)
Designer Sigifaust
@ The Secret Affair

Una.Armor Leaf SIlver - chest
Designer Una Daxter

Miamai_Redux plates necklace - Darken Iron
Designer Pill Kanto
@ The Secret Affair

Noodles - Honey Body Chain Bronze 
Designer Natalee Oodles
@ The secret Affair

Pure Poison - Karis Skirt 
Pure Poison - Na'imah Horns 
Designer Shaleene Kenin, Pety Galaxy
@ The Secret Affair

[The Forge] Apocalype Pauldron
Designer Deccan Arida
@ The Secret Affair

Stockholm&Lima: Rope Collar (Soot)
Designer Surrealia Anatine
soon @ TFC

~Tableau Vivant~ Faux Dreads - The End
Designer  M4ri1yn Magic
@ The Secret affair

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Youre the best mistake I´ve ever made

The Secret Affair is up rolling with a lots of pretty Designs & in only 2 days The Fantasy Collective will have their monthly even open!!

UNA Cricle -  Chest- skirt -headpiece
Designer Una Daxter
soon @ TFC

mask - {RW} Maddog Muzzle - Mud
Designer Searlait Nitschke owner of RoawenWood
@ The Secret Affair

[Entwined] Nora
Designer VivienMarli
@ The Secret Affair

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


hoodie - [Stitched] Roberta
Designer Adele Bumblefoot
@ The Secret Affair

{Reverie} Gimme Shelter Backpack - Black
Designer Paolla Flux
@ The Secret Affair

[SWaGGa] Captured Mask
Designer sh0rtie
@ The Secret affair

[theSkinnery] Nomad (face paint) 2
Designer Umazuma Metaluna
@ The Secret Affair

hair - tram  C407 hair / shell

Monday, March 16, 2015


 The Secret Affair is now open
Make sure to pay a visit, a lot of lovely designs are to be seen 

:[P]:- Bonedaddy Bracelet [Multi]://Silver-Black
:[P]:- Detora Bracelet [Silver]:// Golden Gem
Designer Aieka Rieko
@ The Secret Affair

.Keystone. Salvaged Mail Earrings - Platinum 
Designer Aymee Monk
@ The Secret Affair

Tattoo on chest and arms - { DATUM } Old Devil - FADED
Designer NaomiMia
@ SuicideDollz

.aisling. Iron Maiden Set /Iron ( wearing tiara, collar & shoulders)
Designer Druunah Esharham
@ The Secret Affair

[theSkinnery] Wasteland (face paint) 3
Designer Umazuma Metaluna
@ The Secret Affair

The Annex - Aunty Entity - Corset -
Designer TheAnnex
@ The Secret Affair

 .::Dead Dollz::. Abandon Pants
Designer Kiddo Oh
@ The Secret Affair

hair - little bones. Lavender (L/tucked)
Designer Nova Faerye
@ The Secret Affair

CD Badlands Septum Piercing Copper ( !Cellar Door! )
Designer Nitestar Albion
@ The Secret Affair

Pure Poison - Lisa Sandals - Black

handsome man beside me  - Bromania


Sunday, March 15, 2015


In a few minutes actually The Secret Affair opens , here is yet some lovely teasers that the 
creative Designers has to offer

.:Cameo 6ixx:. Warrior Queen Mini Dress (Black)
Designer Purplerayne86
@ The Secret Affair

.Keystone. Temple - Headpiece & Earrings  - Red - Gold
Designer Aymee Monk
@ The Secret Affair

.ploom. Marisa - hair



Luas Mad World top grey, collar and bracers
Designer AinaraLuas
@ The Secret Affair

:ENIGMA: Smuggler  Pants Black  - belt & leg plate
Designer Damon Pinelli
@ The Secret Affair

.ARISE. Apo Facetattoo
.ARISE. Line Piercing / Gold
Designer Lonlysoule
@ The Secret Affair


sandals - Essenz - Tijuana (Black)

! Cellar Door !
CD Badlands Septum Piercing Copper

Nobel Dynamite

Very Soon The Secret affair opens - the 15th of March
Eventholder Manna Stoneshield & Duchess Flux keeps pulling great Designers Gathred

FDD *Endless*    Boots- Tunic+belt
Designer Seller Xenno
@ The Secret Affair

Empyrean Forge - EF: Circadian Cuffs
 EF: Circadian Necklace
Designer EmpyreanForge
@ The Secret Affair

AZOURY - Ishtar  - headpiece
Designer Mayhem Seetan
@ The Secret Affair

weapon - LR Black Hawk

hair - little bones. Lady


Friday, March 13, 2015

Infected Moment

Only a few days left and The Secret Affair opens yeehaaa
Thank you Bromania to join an infected moment;)

 On Zandra:

AZOURY - Hibou Necklace
Designer Mayhem Seetan
Soon @ The Secret Affair

!Cellar Door   - CD Badlands- Copper
awsome outfit * Corsette , Scarf , feathers, hairornament & headpiece & nosepiercing
Designer Nitestar Albion
Soon @ The Secret Affair

Kibitz - Apocalypse bracers - Copper
Designer Kathya Szczepanski
Soon @ The Secret Affair

.Enfant Terrible.  -   .ET. Magic Ride Belt Gold RARE
Designer LeEnfantTerrible
@ The Arcade

+elua+ Juno_Lightblonde


On Bromania ♥ :

#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(m)
:Enigma: CHained Scarf Black
[The Forge] Chain Mail Vest, Male, Gold
=Kio= Aztec Shield - Crow - Sheathed*
Piercing #1
.r.M. - Harvester - Piercing
Piercing #2
{SYL} Venchy Nose Ring v2
[NV] Bubu Baggy -Black- XS
[The Forge] Asgar Bracer UltraRare Right (Black)
[PXL] OpenMouth PRO Teeth v2.0 [WEAR ME]
LR Black Hawk Combo sheath
*Bolson / Tattoo - Preacher (Only Face & Neck) (Fresh) (C)


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Fancy rose

Zandra on left:
tattoo -  { DATUM } Biker's road - tattoo FADED
Designer NaomiMia
@ CarnEvil

Luas Theodora - collar- skirt- top- bracers
Designer AinaraLuas

*May's Soul* Japan Treasures - headpiece - tulip
Designer May Tolsen

 *Tentacio* Downtown  round bag brown
Designer May Tolsen

hair  -  !Oleander ~ Bennett in Vanilla
Designer Kelly Bellman
@ events & MP ( so as N21)

the muses . Starfall . Cloak . Bone (Dolce Blackflag)
@ MP

headpiece -  .Keystone. Auryn ~~Gold / Diamond
Designer Aymee Monk

.:GSpot:. Raven-Nell Collar Creme (store closed)

.Enfant Terrible. Caelens Armor  shoulder  white

Criminally Coy on right:

::LC:: Sheer Chiffon Skirt [Pure]
(Piinky Chrome)

Sweet Poison - GOW Headpiece

[Style X] Shush Gag <white> @ MP

[Entwined] Electra
Designer Vivienmarli

.Enfant Terrible. crop (LeEnfantTerrible)

.Things. - Shivahs Journey Stockings tattoo for TMP

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Once or twice

Zandra Solo on left:

Lamb. Birdy

::Axix:: PureLove Piercing Double {Gold} - on chest
Designer Elise Mannequin

.Enfant Terrible. Magic Ride Dress Red
Designer LeEnfantTerrible

Kibitz - Lea cuffs - white - gold
Designer Kathya  Szczepanski

AZOURY - Secret Collar (Gold)
Designer Mayhem Seetan

erratic / valena - gladiator sandals / espresso 

.Keystone. Chainmail Earring - Platinum  
Designer Aymee Monk

the muses . Starfall . Cloak . Plum
@ MP

Loud Mouth


Criminally Coy on right:

.Enfant Terrible. Magic Ride Crown Silver RARE
.Enfant Terrible. Magic Ride Dress Blue
Designer LeEnfantTerrible

.Enfant Terrible. Witch please - Necklace (LeEnfantTerrible)

AZOURY - Secret Collar (Silver)
Designer Mayhem Seetan

.Keystone. Chainmail Earring - Platinum  
Designer Aymee Monk

 Kibitz - Enzi bracelet cuff - steel 
 Designer Kathya  Szczepanski

 the muses . Starfall . Cloak . Midnight
@ MP

hair -  Blues. Crystal (Elisaokkbye)

 .Things. - Shivahs Journey Stockings Faded Tattoo - TMP

Loud Mouth

The Mesh Project Body


Monday, March 9, 2015


Pants: Rochambeau - Medieval Pants Black
Arm Wraps: DpD - Arm Wraps Dark
Weapon Harness: DPD - Weapon Harness II Dark
Fur Stole: Gizza - Fur Stole [Men's Charcoal]
Septum Piercing: Just Magnetized - Genesis Septum
Leg Dagger: Snatched - Assassin Leg Dagger
Sandals: xbody - Crocos Leather Sandals
Shin Guards: The Forge - Iron Clad
Bracers: The Forge - Iron Clad
Upper Arm Armor: The Forge - Daerwen Upper Arms

Left Eye: Dead Apples - Phantom Series - Morte
Right Eye: Dead Apples - Injected Blue
Eye Scar: Corvus - Eye Scar
Hair: Action - Shaun
Skin: Birth - Axel Forest
Shape: My Own
Hands: Slink - Relaxed
Feet: Slink - Flat
Beard: Beusame - Facial Hair V3 - Tintable

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Behind the glass

>glYph< Ashya corset & skirt red
>glYph< Ashya Tiara Gold
Designers Cry Hawker & Adira Spingflower

Kibitz - Lea cuff white/steel
Designer Kathya Szczepanski

[LF] Blossom Headpiece - Pink
  .::LE FORME::. Owner&Designer Louise Marsault

[Tia] House of the Lion brooch
designer Tia Biscuit

pr!tty - Gabi - {Blonde 4}
Designer Karla Marama


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

No doubts

on him:
!gO! Thief Coat 
Designer Gocha Merlin

on Zandra:

PEQE - Corsetted
Designer Inex Hax

.Keystone. Lady of the realm - Gold - Black / Sheer
Designer Aymee Monk

PFC~Role Belt - Raider (brown
(pucca firecaster)

Persefona Flyiing Butterflies
Designer Persefona
@ Fantasy Room

Bueno -Leggings Bronze ombre-


I can see your eyes

.{PSYCHO:Byts}.  Warrior Demoniac - Black
top, upper collar, bra, thong & shoulders & bracers
Designer Psikotic Gothly

.Keystone. Tarn's Chestpiece 
Designer Aymee Monk

Pure Poison - Steampunk Stilleto - Black & Silver - SLINK
Designer Shaleene Kenin

Stitched Antigone cape Black
Designer Adele Bumblefoot

IKON Hope Eyes - Dune

MOON // Hair // Neen
@ N21