Monday, March 31, 2014


This lovely set of outfit I am wearing Boots- pants- Tunic- Belt- Jacket
Will be up at this round of We<3Role-Play
Khali Designs is back in track
Welcome Back!!!
{KD} Kahli Designs - Elven Courtier

25L tuesday today^^ thoose lovely bracers Adira Spingflower put up for todays event
[Teri] Gladia Bracers

*OAL* Cira Circlet.
@ Love & War event, starts at 2th April

Enfant Terrible. Staff Roses ULTRA RARE

PFC~Zeus Shield (gold) 

lassitude & ennui Dreamer tiara - black / rose

pr!tty - Lux

Big Deal

New round of Fantasy Room is about to  be up at the 5th-25th of April
its a great crew of designers that keep this lovely event going for us
with very very good prices
This lovely dress & Staff put up by Adira Spingflower owner of Teriotrope
[Teri] Auraya Staff White/Berry
[Teri] Auraya White Special Edition

More sneakpeak from "The Secret Affair" this lovely body chain from Mays Soul
*May's Soul* majestic chain
Stay tuned for a link to the event that is up 6th-30th April

=Zenith=Tulips bloom Corolla *** Forest spring concert Mini event ***
=Zenith=Azure Teal Stone Necklace(Golden) Mainstore

.:GSpot:. Raven-Nell Collar Creme

Maitreya Vintage Collar - Ivory  Mainstore

~Tableau Vivant~ Gloster Hair - Squash fit - Winter  @ The Deck

Eyes from Dead Apples


[Keystone] Coronae Chains - Silver

[Stitched] Madelyn Hennin in Black Rare @ The Secret Affair
[Stitched] Althalos & Bran  (whole dress plus boots)@ The Secret Affair
{Baby Weirwood} Bonsai .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. @ The Secret Affair
PFC~Dragon Slayer - Pauldron (iron)  @ The Secret Affair

 ::Axix:: 5th Chakra Tattoo 4 

Zibska (old Enchantment event) Tatto--  Saskia ~ Black

 ~Tableau Vivant~ Campbell hair - Summer

Eyes from Dead Apples

The Secret Affair landmark comes soon.....

Dragons Delight

+ KHAVI + Nora dress 
on MP

*May's Soul* Playing with dragons - Black & green rare dragon @ The Secret Affair

the overlay necklace collar !dM "Melisandre" FirePriestess Gorgerine **MYSTIC ONYX**
@ The Secret Affair

 MONS / Makeups - Eyeshadow Dramatic - grey  @The Dressing Room FUSHION
pr!tty - Spring Dreaming - .Rainbow Headband. @ The Dressing Room FUSHION

Maitreya Vintage Collar Mainstore

 Magika [Hair S] Shine Mainstore

Eyes from Dead Apples

Haud Deus - Dirty Body RU Design


In some days we will have Gachas at the 30 L Love & War fair infront of us
the fair runs from 2th-6th april
I am wearing a little teaser made by Ainaraluas, owner of the Luas Store
Astaroth Crown & necklace @ Love & War fair

.Luminary. Greyjoy Earring - @ The Secret Affair

* May's Soul* muse armour Gold @ The Countdown Room

[NV] Monrou Dress -Metal Sand Mainstore

TRUTH HAIR Lagertha Mainstore

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dont need Reasons

"The Secret Affair" is soon opening 6th-30th of April
it does for sure offers items over the standard, with so many good designers
One who will participate is Thord Karu Owner of Primus weapons
This cool blade and Shield is one of the teaser
Primus Seven Kingdoms Sword @ The Secret Affair
Primus Westeros Shield  @ The Secret Affair

Discovering Destiny owner of On a Lark have made thoose amazing armors, the legpad, shoulderpad and bracers I am wearing, this version has a nice hud where you can change the layers to it
& will be up to "The Secret Affair" event
*OAL* Dragon Bracers 
*OAL* Gardenia Crown

The pretty dragon on my shoulder will be up at "The Secret Affair"
Designer Manuel Ormidale
22769 ~ [accessories] Shoulder Dragon 
Landmark for the event will be up soon
& its gonna start 6th April 12 slt

 the muses . Rainha . Mail suit . Black . Shirt mainstore

RS Bree Tunic -Rigged Mesh- RS mainstore

ISON - moto leather pants (black) 1 ISON

{D.A} Sinistre Eyes - Pink Shades Edition
 {D.A} Sinistre - Sombre Day

little bones. Corner Cafe - Blondes Little Bones


Friday, March 28, 2014

Make a Difference

Ok Ladies, we have an Amazing amaaaaaazing dress to look forward to, @ "The Secret Affair"
6th-30th April  (link soon) The Theme is The Game of Thrones.

 Druunah Esharham & Damian Kleiner owners of Aisling will make many womans fantasy dreams come true ;)
When I first saw this dress in World On Arica I was WOW I must have that dress!
It comes with a Hud that changes some detail texture on each color of what ever dress you get  lucky to get in the Gacha. Also the drapes has an oposity changer!
The belt on the dress you can choose to wear in both rigged & unrigged. The dress also comes with a lovely jewel Addon which I am not wearing on this pic
  . a i s l i n g . Qarth Lady @ The Secret Affair
While we wait for hte event to start, you have their lovely mainstore to check out! HERE

{The Game~ Stark} head gear .::C.C. Kre-ations::. RARE ( @ The Secret Affair )

.:GSpot:. Raven-Nell Collar Black

* May's Soul* muse armour Mainstore

Maitreya Vintage Collar & Pearls - Black Mainstore

eXxEsS : POLABIA Mesh Hair - Blond Mainstore

Lately I use eyes from Dead Apple I really love thoose & on this pic I am wearing opne base and uses one second mesh add of an other color
Injected Grey as a base
 Mesh - Shattered - Cosmic

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

All of Me

I adore this belt-Skirt from "the Library" & Necklace. It is now up at this round Genre for a very good price
in various colors
~The Library~ Galatea-Gold

Face tatto [Thistle Do] Palm Streak - White @MP

Body tatto -UtopiaH- Ink Deer Frozen Tattoo

Kalopsia - Red Riding Hood - Wolf Mask

Hair- little bones. Corner Cafe

So WOW I just love thoose keys weapon that I wear on my leg
it has such funny animations in it and yeah I just LOVE it!
At the 6th April - 30th April The Secret Affair will be open
where this awsome pretty lil thing will be up
Primus Targaryen Key Set 5.5 (platinum) (ultra rare) 
Landmark will come soon^^

Dare To Belive

"Primus Game of Thorns Crown" One other awsome item at the Secret Affair that opens the 6th of April AND its scripted with damage for the GM meters 
I love it!

 [Teri] Maiden Red & the Lantern

little bones. Corner Cafe - Browns

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Right Here

"The Secret Affair" has lot to offer that is for sure
The event will soon open and here is an other sneak peak to look forward to, so many creative designers I must say!
!gO!  khaleesi desert - top & skirt nr 7
.Luminary. Targaryen Necklace
.Luminary. Tully Bracer

.::DD::.Tessarion Crown - Common (FGC 3)

May´s Soul  - muse pauldron R black

Slink Elfears
Slink Hands & Feets

Zibska ~ Ting Makeup Zibska

[Teri] Nova Neckcorset Open Black Rare

little bones. Corner Cafe

.Shi : Leg harness (LEATHER-FEMME}[Rigged Mesh]

Dont Loose Yourself

I am so greatfull to meet so lovely people in a so called "Game" Sl
For me thoose close peoples of mines are not a game, they fill my part time with joy
Adira Spingflower is one of thoose I would say has the greatest heart and a special relation to
She has this 25L tuesday this pretty slave outfit up 
[Teri] Marla 
(the bra, neckcorsette & skirt)

~Soedara~ Bruised body Soedara
I love Soedara for years, so many good slave outfits and jewels options as well as boots

The pretty bunny was gifted from My mama Sweetest dearest Cloey 
if i have done my lessons and studies correct , you can get this at the chapter four
Birdy/Alchemy - Spring Babes - Bunny - Fudge
its a sweet gacha machine so it means its also transferable, very cute for gifts to!
At the chapter four i got over this hair as well - Little bones
little bones. Eden

An other favourite maker of mine is Pucca Firecaster, which armours I am wearing in this post
PFC~War Kitten @ We<3Role-Play
take a good look at her mainstore as well, soooo many cool stuff there all from furniture to weapons & clothing

Slink Sandals & Slink feets & Slink hands

This Norwegian man has soooooo many nice songs, if you have the time check out his other songs as well
Anyways here is one taste of his 


On A Lark have a very pretty offer this 25L tuesday
*OAL*  Elle ~ Snow
*OAL* Elle Cuffs , comes with a hud

The Secret Affair event is getting closer to have the doors open
6th-30th April
PFC~Dragon Slayer - Belt (gold)
.Luminary. Martell Coronet
.Luminary. Tyrell Pauldron
LM soon to come

Maitreya Vintage Collar & Pearls - Ivory

little bones. Sea Wolf  Little Bones

"No one else can speak the words on your lips"

<3 Zandra



Monday, March 24, 2014


Creative Khavi Zifane has made this cool dress I am wearing holding the strong color to suit my sweety dragon 
+ KHAVI + Livia gown black

& moooore from the Event to come here in a sneak peak "The Secret Affair"
first we have the designer Pucca Firecasters Claw bracer and shoulder pad
PFC~Dragon Slayer - Pauldron (gold)
PFC~Dragon Slayer - Claw

AZOURY - Necklace - Sansa ( Black) Rare (" The Secret Affair")

.{yumyums}. Baby Draegon {Hornwood} (" The Secret Affair")

 *Dura-Girl*41(Black) DURA

+Nuuna+ Ina Black ( @ Skinfair)


I recived a pretty groupgift today from Taketomi / Burley ( groups name " Burley Republic "), the lovely long fairytale hair
comes with a cool hud, plus I love Taketomi´s hairs
& this one is just perfect for roleplay involved people

The Secret Affair is just about to soon get started, 6th-30th April
on this pic I am wearing a lovely necklace and a arm bracer from Pucca Firecaster Design / PFC
as the event isnt open yet you will have to wait for the link for LM but a handy LM for her mainstore is right here
 PFC~Dragon Slayer - Necklace ( @ The Secret Affair soon)
PFC~Dragon Slayer - Bracer (gold)  ( @ The Secret Affair soon)

*May's Soul" Goblin pauldrons
*May's Soul" Goblin protector
=Kio= Rising Head Band -  Crow

 *LpD* - *Tune* Dress Pink Mainstore LpD

Thank you all for the lovely feedback, it really warms me

Sunday, March 23, 2014


 once in a while I come to a point where i get what I call " skinfrustrated " so on the road again I found it pretty nice to have the Skin fair open at my little moment. You really should go check the 3 sim´s out

Ok next on board we have an awsome event to come
"The Secret Affair"
the theme is The Game of Thrones inspired
Thank´s To Creative Manna Stoneshield who have worked hard to gather the puzzle with a lovely crew of Designers
The event Starts 6th of april & will be hold the doors open to the 30th of April 2014
here you can make a sneakpeak to their webpage, Landmark will come up any day so stay tuned

Soooooooooooooo I start to show up this lovely headpiece made by Aymee Monk
who is Designer for Keystone
[Keystone] Wildlings Crowns - Y'zi - ULTRA RARE ( @ The Secret Affair soon)
while you wait, she has many lovely things at her mainstore To Mainstore

Peqe - Slits Skirt PEQE

:FANATIK: Knuckle Duster Gothic ring Gold Light Mainstore

Baubles! by Phe Strapped Mainstore

*LpD* - *Amelie* Top Pink LpD

:.::Hot Stuff::.: Pantyhose white Mainstore

.:GSpot:. Pussywillow waist belt w. branches

Magika [Hair] Sudden Mainstore Magika

Saturday, March 22, 2014


-UtopiaH- My Asymmetric Cotton Socks Mainstore

.Una. Cattiva Body Black ( at Countdown Room)

* May's Soul* muse armour bracers ( at The Countdown Room )
*May's Soul* Niara horns rare white
*Tentacio* Cabaret corse comes with a hud for the skirt part

 *OAL* Leaf Gems  On A Lark

Zibska ~ Manna [rare]  ( was at FGC round 3)

+Nuuna+ Ina Black (at skinfair)

Monday, March 17, 2014


Soooo pretty new jewels up at LUAS store, you can buy them in gold or silver version, both comes with a pearl hud
LUAS - Triunfo bracelet Golden
The golden crown I am wearing will come along a pretty dress which will be the tuesdays 25 L offer from LUAS -- Revenge Crown
 Alsooooooooooo all designers are pretty busy to pull their things up and many events, so fast that I have hard time to keep up;)
The wing are as well from LUAS and you can get theese pretty wings from the Countdown Room

OrsiniSun Noir Poem Noir (TFC)

*{Junbug}* Miss m. in Ink

/Wasabi Pills/ Laura Mesh Hair - Rye 

Toss it

25 Linden tuseday offer  from Teriotrope is this lovely slave outfit, its smexy as hell
[Teri] Eila 

 the muses . Penghel Armor . Bone .hip & armors

[sM] Tootsie Bow Chain

~Soedara~ Bruised Face & Body 

[Forge] Cast Iron Collar 


I made a lots of mistakes

This lovely dress is made by Juno Mantel owner of Junbug
it can be found at the event "One Word"
*{Junbug}* Electra  

 One of the newer hair from Taketomi, now comes with a hud option instead, with each 6 color tones

* May's Soul* Goat horns bones beige

*OAL* Angelica Sleeves S ~ Taupe

*OAL* Melody Crown
The Melody Crown is a joint creation brought to you by Bella Domela of Sweet Poison and Lark (Discovering Destiny) of On A Lark.  The crown is 100% Original Mesh and includes a hud
you will find the crown at this time event Genre

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lift your Spirits

Today I was happy to involve my friend for life in a post
Thank you Razi Eternal for fancy our swags up
Here is a link to her blog

On Zandra:
the dress comes with a color hud & you find this pretty one at the new event

An other event thats still going on is the Fantasy Room its Spring theme & the Fantasy Room will be holding a monthly 5th-25th event each month, with low good prices of items from good Designers
one lovely item I am wearing is the ropenecklace and from May´s Soul
 *May's Soul* leaf pauldron

 [The Forge] Celtic Bangles, comes with an awsome hud (@ Countdown Room)

 .::DD::. Vermithor Crown - RARE (FGC3 - closed)

[The Forge] Feather Collar, Gold @ We<3Role-Play

[whatever] spiked bun headband - blood/gold Mainstore

. Liquence . - F5 in Light Blonds Liquence

Razi Eternal Credits:
Shape : Home made
Skin: Glam Affair - Lulu ( Jamaica ) 02 D
Hair: Exile - Baby I'll Rule Naturals
Eyes: Riddle - Realistic Brights - Lightest Blue
Eye lashes: LeLutka - 2011 lashes/long
Dress: Luas Adara Dress ((  the countdown room ))
Collar: [The Forge] Feather Collar, Bronze (( We love rp ))
Bracelets: [The Forge] Celtic Bangles ((  the countdown room ))
Shoulder pads : Nana Guardian shoulder pad (( group gift ))
Head Bindi : Soedara - Exotic Berjuang Tari Bindi 2 (( Edit it to make it blue ))

Yin & Yang