Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sometime in your life

Overhigh - Loose Dress - Yellow 

/Wasabi Pills/ Jade Mesh Hair - Golden

the muses . Rainha . Mail suit. pants and shirt

(Kunglers Extra) Khloris - Golden necklace

+Nuuna+ Meta Gray 

*SongF* Inspi Headdress snow

ISON - cult riding boots

[The Forge] Eldar Armour 

[Little Tasta] Tallis Staff

[Keystone] Smilodon Fatalis Backflag

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Cool pretty dress from P w h o a r
*P.c* Denisa Gown Dress F

.:GSpot:. Raven-Nell Crown Creme

*SongF* Inspi Headdress snow


[The Forge] Eldar Armour

:[P]:- Pandorica Collar [XS]://Warrior

+Nuuna+ Meta Gray

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


On A Lark has this outfit up on the 25 linden tuesday
*OAL* Boon ~ Harvest
smoochy link here <3

hair from ploom
base from damselflie
POTM CLOAK ~ Miss Choovio 2010
Mays souls - Sahara chain
[The Forge] Eldar 
+Nuuna+ Meta Gray
eyes- sombre days from dead apples

Monday, November 25, 2013

Bad Influence

*{Junbug}* Deer Me Fur Gown in Silver RARE -BBOX

*{Junbug}* Notte Stellata Gown in Lavender

*{Junbug}* Willow Gown

Facejewel and scarf from May´s

hair ploom

armor The forge

tatto Nuuna

Sunday, November 24, 2013


This dress from Teriotrope is also up on the 25 L tuesday, I think its amazing and you have the armwarmers and armorgloves to play with for other outfits
[Teri] Yarisha Dress 

PFC~Iron Queen (gold)

[The Forge] Cadeyrn Lower Leg Armour,

Luas Urban Style - Cotton Leggings Pack

the muses . Rainha . Mail suit . Bone . Undershirt

rare Suala shoulder rare white from Mays

Luas Frog Necklace

::SP:: Sheperds  Top [Black]

.ploom. Marisa

Sombre Day / eyes from dead apple

+Nuuna+ Meta Gray

TEN"10 Sadina boots

PS : I Miss my Mummy Cloey


New lovely pretty dress at Teriotrope on the 25 Linden tuesday. 
[Teri] Rioghan Dress
Many colors and so cool dress fitting good for the free woman Gor RP
you should have in mind Adira Spingflower have added the lolas appliers to most of her clothes
woot woot
here is the link to her store ENJOY

PFC~The Hunter - Yeti RARE

[Keystone] Woodland Headpiece [Limited Edition]

.ploom. Marisa

+Nuuna+ Meta Gray 

{D.A} Sinistre - Sombre Day

Torments Nitely

Torment my bish <3
He is an awsome friend ++ 

Lovely swing from HPMD* Branch Logswing - brown branch (sizeS/short-rope)

headpiece from keystone
hair - ploom
fur- bare rose
corsette skirt from ducknipple
pants from Ison
leg armor from the forge
boots from Ten, but availible at the spiritstore now
tattolayer from nuuna

Bone Crusher

Robin Passiflora

<R> Stitched Belt - Black

::: B@R ::: Aricia White Feather 

[The Forge] Cadeyrn Upper Leg Armour

[The Forge] Wastelander Boot

.:GSpot:. Maris headdress V2 metallic



.Shi : Fingerless Gloves

<kal rau> Casual Chino_Dark

.Shi : Caplet Tank Full (

RAW HOUSE :: Holy Beard 

[The Forge] Eldar 

.Enfant Terrible. Frozen heart Gacha ice necklace animated

.ID. Light Sensitive/Basic - Light Brown

Saturday, November 23, 2013


[The Forge] Eldar Armour

[R3] - Axel Shirt 

<kal rau> Casual Chino

::MO:: The Fallen - Wings - Sparse Bloody White

.Enfant Terrible. Frozen heart Gacha ice necklace animated

RAW HOUSE :: Holy Beard 


[R3] - Axel Shirt [V3]


*May's Soul* shaman scepter black RARE

Part of your world

hair "Mana" from Diva

[The Forge] Boadicea's Belt
[The Forge] Cadeyrn Upper Leg Armour

[EZ] Lorien  leg and arm detail

TEN"10 Sadina boots

the muses . Penghel Armor  hips

Izzie's - Thigh High Knit Socks brown

:[P]:- Seren Corset-

shirt -  :[P]:- Faerah Raz [J]://Pure

LaGyo_Misaku chest piece

+Nuuna+ Meta Gray

eyes - {D.A} Sinistre - Sombre Day

(r)M~LowRise miniSkirt ~ No.06 (

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Long Distance


Pege elven brown


+Nuuna+ Meta Gray


[The Forge] Cadeyrn Lower Leg Armour


Tuesday, November 19, 2013


[Ascent] Warrior Wings

Overhigh - Be Dress - Brown

ISON - moto leather pants 

TEN"10 Innessa boots 


+Nuuna+ Meta Gray 

* May's Soul* Always in your chain


Today I am playing with my sugar-daddy who log my male alt muhhaaa
dont you have a sugar-daddy?

on Zandra

* May's Soul* Always in your chain

*OAL* Fendere  - that is up on the 25 linden tuseday today!! very pretty outfit, comes with the dress, armwarmers and legwarmers

Yasum*Calipso Overknee

Zibska ~ Leigh


SAIKIN fur wrap ash 

~Soedara~ Atikamekw Face Chain 

+Nuuna+ Meta Gray 

the only quite new on Robin is the top that is from R3  <3
hair from Burley
and my favourite beard from raw ;)

Still hustling

Another new lovely dress from Adira Spingflower....@ the 25 L tuesday TODAY so hurry get this awsomness, in many colors and comes with this cool hood
[Teri] Orphelia Dress

drd Armor

Fiacaill Crown

Exile::Erase and Rewind

SAIKIN fur wrap ash

~Soedara~ Atikamekw Face Chain 

+Nuuna+ Meta Gray


Monday, November 18, 2013

Chill out

Very cute outfit from Teriotrope
that will be up on the 25 linden tuesday...many lovely colors!
[Teri] Oralie 

hair - Exile::Celebrity Skin 

~Soedara~ Atikamekw Face Chain {Black}

+Nuuna+ Meta Gray 

 you brought out the best of me
a part of me I'd never seen
you took my soul wiped it clean
our love was made for movie screens

but If you loved me
why did you leave me

Unis Elan

Maaaah sweet girl !

Unis Elan

I love to see my good friends being creative and making their own blog
I am looking forward to see Unis rocking her page 
here is a link to her new site

Sunday, November 17, 2013


*VT Shrug Grey

[The Forge] Cadeyrn Upper Leg Armour,

Overhigh - Elle Dress 

Magika [Hair] Sudden

TEN"10 Sadina boots 

::: B@R ::: Feather Scarf 

**Dirty Princess** Incredible Princess Head Crown

PFC~Orc Shield 

+Nuuna+ Meta Gray 

.Pekka. Missy Chest piercings [Gold]

Self Destruction

::: B@R ::: Feather Scarf 

:[P]:- Eros Dress 

**Dirty Princess** Incredible Princess Head Crown

*EC* The Kelpie's Bridle - Sagittarius Zodiac

(r)M~Posture V-Collar (Women) ~ No.09 

[The Forge] Cadeyrn Lower Leg Armour

^;^CaTwA^;^ Selena Messy Braid [

+Nuuna+ Meta Gray 

{D.A} Sinistre - Cloudy Blue

[GLUE INK] Ree Gloves (floral)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Will

Zibska ~ Leigh Full
collar and fasinator

::: B@R ::: Feather Scarf

Magika [Hair] Sudden

.:GSpot:. Dyonysos bride black crown

*OAL* Asteria  - corsette & skirt 

Paperbag. My Fav Black Tights Gartered 1 1

.:GSpot Odessas Armor 

+Nuuna+ Meta Gray 

{mon tissu} Heathrow Boots 

[GLUE INK] Ree Gloves

{D.A} Sinistre - Cloudy Blue

Like a star

outfit nr 2 htat will be up on the 25 linden list..this pretty dress / corsett and skirt
also form Teriotrope
[Teri] Shanari Red

.:GSpot Odessas Armor 

LUAS LADY BELCEBU - armor- vest - headpiece

Magika [Hair] Sudden

.:GSpot:. Eclipse black collar w. furr

+Nuuna+ Meta Gray

Pull me down

An other lovely outfit from Teriotrope by Adira Spingflower
[Teri] Sheba
You wqill find this at the 25 linden tuesday this week, includes the legwarmers and the a collar im not wearing at the pic.. Absolutely lovely one

.:GSpot:. Raven-Nell Collar Creme & crown

(Yummy) Metal and Diamonds - Day

ieQED dragon.pauldron.platinum

Magika [Hair] Sudden

[whatever] SWAG ring - gold

DRD worn combats -rigged copper

[The Forge] Cadeyrn Upper Leg Armour, Left

+Nuuna+ Meta Gray

{D.A} Sinistre - Cloudy Blue

This is for a special "you"  <3