Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lean on me

*OAL* Promenade
coresette & gloves
Designer Discovering Destiny

.:villena:. - H/W Leggings

Lucien.Marcelo // BLACK RAMONES BOOTS @ MP

PFC~NinjaStuffs - lethal ribs 

::SP:: Sheperds  Top [Black] 

-DRD-  melancholy armor chest dark

{D.A} Shattered - Ruin

MONS / Makeups - Eyeliner Lux - copper

Magika [Hair] Sudden


Soon Fantasy Room opens the October round
Fantasy Room is a monthly event
with many great designers that holds a fantasy style for us to improve this sl world
The even more fantastic part is the good low prices
This pretty outfit I am wearing is made by Designers Rhianna Rieko & Hatili Ishtari
owners of OrsiniRed
OrsiniRed The Symphony Outfit Caramel
(panties, top, bracers, & headpiece)

*MUKA* Collar Love
Designer Muka Release
If you havnt visit her store i strongly recomend it!

::Axix:: Maev Halo Copper RARE

 !lamb. Craft Spells - Blur Root

Hold me down

An other awsome designer that has been along us for years is May Tolsen, owner of May´s Soul
who also will paticipate on the Gathering that opens the 1th oct- 15th oct
*May's Soul* Pompeya set
Dress, headpiece, bracers, & fur
mwaah just lovely and check the AD below

TRUTH HAIR Colbie- variety
I find the variety packs the best for my taste with all the natural colors inside asa hud

Teeth- PXL @ MP

{D.A} Shattered - Chocolata

Monday, September 29, 2014

I am complete

Only one day left for a new event to open 
"The Gathering" will be hold 1th oct- 15th oct
AinaraLuas is offering this beautiful dress / Set
Dress, bracer, necklace & Tiara, all comes with a hud
Luas MIla Dress

+ Double Hagoromo Gold + {aii} @ MP


~Soedara~ Cihuapilli Simple Eye Gold

{D.A} Shattered - Chocolata

Right now

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Tank-Top Eyes - Steampunk 
 .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Trapped mouse (Psikotik Gothly)

 Fiacaill Crown (Kiera Ashdene)

Alchemy - Ritual Armor - Silver- chin & neck (Nina Helix)

~Soedara~ Cihuapilli Simple Eye Gold

MONS / Makeups - Eyeliner Print - blackmetal

DPD - Arm Wraps - Dark

.Reckless. - Hex (Faded)

boots- FLite.- Liberators

*May's Soul* Born to war shoulders

PFC~Dragon Slayer - Belt (iron)

XODOHTRONU Harem Pants V2 Grey  ( man store, but who cares?)

{D.A} Shattered - Chocolata

 (r)M Hair No.26'14, oneSize - Natural Brown

Carry me

NEW event is around the corner and will be hold up rolling
1st till the 15th October 2014
Many great designers gathered in one spot to deliver the awsomness for us to play around with in this crazy world of SL:)
The event got a real what i would say hip name for what it really is
Be there or be square

Designer Tia Biscuit, owner of  [Tia] is a lovely designer who will offer this lovely jewelery set
[Tia] Gypsy Moon
(rings, bracer, bracelet, staff, headress, nocechain, earings, necklace upper arm.)
I used a cool hud where you could change the different pearls, stones, beads, metal.....just to form it perfect for your taste and to fit the outfit
 check the AD below

.random.Matter. - Jace Belt - Noir
.random.Matter. - Deucalion Halo - Copper
.random.Matter. - Ethereal Eyes - Gold
(Nikohl Hax)

*{Junbug}* Phoebe [Night] (Juno Mantel)

::: B@R ::: Maara Feathers

hairbase- [LeLutka]-HELEN base - Burnt

hairpart 2 - booN HUH031 hair chocolate

[PXL] OpenMouth PRO Teeth 

.:GSpot:. APHRODISIA Toga (store closed)

LR Elven War Shield 

~The Old Forge~ Drago Armor

 MONS / Makeups - eyeshadow punk (red)

Sunday, September 28, 2014


A big heart to new & old faces & Designers who keeps giving me feedback, warms me a lot ♥♥♥

Lets start with some news! Got in contact with a person who is making a new brand with so far focus on the wearable smoochieness that I am wearing on the picture above. I really looking forward to see what will be next from this creative Designer Sleepykittens
Oopsie - Noctis - Multi color point - RARE
Now at the mainstore rolling on the gacha machine

Lumiere Kettle Necklace ("LCorse" 90x60x90 )

* .:: deeR ::. * ~Lolas~ High/low dress [Liath] (Sidofox Zsun)

*May's Soul* Thor revenge girls collar and bracers

Yasum*Calipso Overknee*

Paperbag. My Fav Black Tights Gartered

Yasum*Face Armor*

Serenity Style- Autumn Ladder & Rare pumkin man

little bones. Golden Ribs

Friday, September 26, 2014


Four Seasons Autumn  is up rolling a cute event with good designers
make sure ot og have a look!

Persefona Leaves in hair (orange) (Persefona)

AsHmOoT jacket, undershirt, shorts ( Kristabel Ashmoot)

Icons of style poses umbrella  (Katia Millet)

Yasum*MESH*SteamSandals*EPIC*Cocoa* (Azlyn Vaher)

little bones. Girl (Nova Faerye)

Teeth - PXL @ MP

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

When will I learn

Four Seasons " Autumn " event is now open 21th sept- 5th oct
event owner Katia Millet & Weronika Pobieski

up above I am wearing some cute applies so you definately should pay it a visit

Frozen Poses leaves pose 1
Designer Weronika Pobieski

appear - Jasmine Dress
Designer Wade Washborne

Designer Leon1 Footman

Jus wow, I LOVE this hair! Moon always keep a good shape with delivering and updates of the hairs
so many different Huds and colors for each taste
MOON{Hair}. Pennyroyal Tea - Roots

{D.A} Shattered - Chocolata

Monday, September 22, 2014

My Flower

It lovely to meet people who are giving so much lovely personality and kindness, Adira Spingflower is one of thoose woman who have shared that to me. Owner of Teriotrope and Co-owner of glYph with Cry Hawker, who also owns Ravensoul
Designers doing really amazing work by keeping up to its all events and whoever know what day events there is. Just a huge credit for that. Also its so nice see how people grow and improves with their work, keep rocking that guys
the lovely set I am wearing is the Tuesday offer at Adiras Store
[Teri] Laurenzia Arm Silver

Also RedMint have been along ofr the years i hanged around here in sl with their cool hairs ++ outfits
you better check it out
(r)M Hair No.22'14,  - Brown Amber
Designer Moni Schulze owner of  ( r e d ) M i n t

Chai Birds

Got asked to share some fun with thoose amazing mask´s. With an inch of patience , giggling & crashing we made it all through. Started up with Nini, Duchess & me, even better when we became 4 when Manna shows up <3
Designer  Chandra Meehan , Co-owner of deviousMind have for sure made her part of delivering at this round of The Secret Affair
From left we have lovely blogger Nieleav Kowalski - The Saintly Sinners-
 Piume e Fiori “The Cardinal” Raven Mask by deviousMind

Second left we have Creative and beautiful Blogger Duchess Flux- Threads and tunage- 
  Piume e Fiori “Prime Rose” RavenMask (Rare) by deviousMind

(3rd Zandra Solo )
Piume e Fiori “The Inquisitor” RavenMask (Rare) by deviousMind

To the right also a very smexy and creative Blogger & event manager Manna Stoneshield-
Piume e Fiori “The Cardinal” Raven Mask by deviousMind

@ The Secret Affair

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Left Unspoken

..:: NN ::.. Mesh Soft Tunic w/belt 1
Designer Nigella Nightfire owner of NiNight Creations
up @ Four Seasons Autumn 21th september- 5th october

*LODE* Headwear - Butterfly Two [big] RARE

MINA Hair - Jaana
@ TDR the dressing room Fusion

.Reckless. - Penny (Faded)

{D.A} Shattered - Fallen City
@ Dead Apples

 cute little mouse that actually juggles the apples
May´s Soul mouse circus
@ The mystery Fair Gacha

Serenity Style- Autumn Set Table & chairs + rug
Designer Hanstrid Inshan owner of Serenity Style
@ Four Seasons Autumn 21/9-5/10

~BNV~ Mesh Vintage Radio
with stations!
Designer Alex Bader owner of Studio Skye products
@ Four Seasons Autumn the 21th

Friday, September 19, 2014

On my Way

[FLRN] Brittany Retro Dress
Designer florina Phelan
soon @ The Four Seasons " Autumn"

>glYph< Aldariel Bracer Rare
Designers Adira Spingflower & Cry Hawker

(Holly Mill - Accessory) Olympia Laurel Leaf Crown - Gold ( Bella Earst)

[The Forge] Eldar Armour Upper Arm Gold
[The Forge] Chain Tunic Normal (Black/Gold)

.random.Matter. - Lordis Collar Silver

{D.A} Shattered - Atlantis

erratic / valena - gladiator sandals / black


[LeLutka]-MOURRAY hair - Bournville

1 of the 300 warriors

The fancy man in the pictures above is Phil Deischer, my bb;)

The couple poses we are using is so cute and will be up at this round of The Four Seasons "Autumn"
 hold by Katia Millet & Weronika Pobieski

Frozen - Couple Pose - Back kiss (Weronika Pobieski)
Frozen - Couple Pose - up in the air (Weronika Pobieski)

event will be up 21/09 - 05/10
Phil is Wearing:

Tattoo : .Reckless. - Paine  (Faded) , DPD - Facial Scar 1

Ears : (MALE) [MANDALA] taper ears

[The Forge] Iron Clad Armour - Black
[The Forge] Chain Mail Vest, Male, Black

AMERIE M - Mesh Harf Pants(Black)

PFC~Hoplite helmet

FATEplay Cloak - Dany - Sapphire

Pure Poison - Roman Striped Sandals - Men {wear only}

Unorthodox Full Beard

Skin: Fruk Bennett skin shade 5 black brows

Slink AvEnhance Feet Male Flat

Slink AvEnhance Hands Male - Relax

[EZ] Might of Demacia Polearm

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Four Seasons event open the 21th of Sept- 5th oct.
Event Creator & owners Katia Millet & Weronika Pobieski
Ashmoot,  meadowWorks, La Boheme, !! Follow US !!, Asteria Creations, Lyrical B!zarre Templates, Iren, [Fetch], Lumiere, M&M STYLE, FLRN DESIGN, {amiable}, Deer, Fashiowl Poses, Dark Forge Creations, Appear, Frozen, Icons Of Style, Wertina, Persefona, Leo Design, NiNight Creations, SophielleAnn Underwear and more..

Persefona Leaf in mouth (orange)  (Persefona)
Eyelure VNeck MiniDress    Harvest (Willow Markova)
{amiable}Mouton Long boots Gacha03 (nodoka Vella)
SophielleAnn - Black leaf Tights (SophielleAnn)
Soon @ Four Seasons Autumn

little bones. Willow Tree (Nova Faerye)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Illusion of Conclusion

Amazing skin! .la petite morte. india t1 the raven 2 NB (Voshie Paine)
C H A R Y.- Nevermore Headpeice - Silver ( Amberlee Martian)
:Enigma: The Raven Scarf ( Damon Pinelli)
The Annex - Poe Dress (TheAnnex)
Noodles - Caged Flight Shoes Bronze (Natalee Oodles)
all this is now up @ The Secret Affair

 {D.A} Shattered - Cosmic

Magika [Hair] Sudden


This lovely shoulder armor and skirt, you will as well find at The Secret Affair
Pure Poison - Lianne Armor
Designer Shaleene Kenin, owner of Pure posion
 .random.Matter. - Lenore Ring - Black
.random.Matter. - Ariadne Ring - Black

Deccan Arida always delivers, with his wide sortiment and lovely creations
many pretty details and things for both woman and men to wear
Designer and owner of The Forge
[The Forge] Valkyrie Bracer Steel
[The Forge] Valkyrie Armour, Steel

May´s Soul is a store that been involved ot my second life time over years. May Tolsens designs been a good apply for the roleplay over all thoose years
 pretty crown and jewelshead piece
May´s Soul bone crown
May´s Soul bone headpiece gold

Magika [Hair] Sudden

{D.A} Shattered - Fallen City


The Secret Affair is up Rolling, a lots of traffic so far, but if you get the chance go have a look at our creative and amazing designers
Event Creator / Owner  Manna Stoneshield & Duchess Flux

:V.e. Lost Love Gown  Charcoal Plaid (ValentinaEvangelista)

Birdy (Foxes) - Melancholy Thorned Rose -  Silver  (Nina Helix)

.Atomic. {Hair} Nevermore - Monochromes (Ivy Graves)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Fallen Bird

more more more from The Secret Affair

May´s Soul crow dress  leather black (May Tolsen)
:Enigma: Cholia Fur Limited (Damon Pinelli)
.random.Matter. - Ariadne Necklace - Black (Nikohl Hax)
Pure Poison - Magic Armor - Black ( Shaleene Kenin)
.la petite morte. the raven lashes (Voshie Paine)
(epia) - Grim Lantern (Verone Potez)

 [LeLutka]-EMELI hair - Marilyn

{D.A} Shattered - Fallen City

Simple life

The Secret Affair is now finally open!
here is some more goodies from there

Noodles - Distant Memoir Locket Bronze (Natalee Oodles)
ieQED nest.crown.raven.delilah.nevermore RARE (SigiFaust)
Peqe - The Raven Skirt (Inex Hax)
[Haste] Annabel Brown Corset (Auston Harbour)
Pure Poison - Broken Wings (Shaleene Kenin)

[The Forge] Folium Sandal Brown

~Tableau Vivant~ Barony Hair