Tuesday, November 25, 2014


*OAL/SweetPoison* Belted Leggings Black
(Discovering Destiny)

Luas Galadriel - Bracers- Cloak- forhead crown

ISON - bandage back top -black

[e] Wave - Blonde

. a i s l i n g . Sionnach Circlet

Glam Affair - Edyta Bib Necklace Brown

IKON Spectral Eyes - Apparition



Blues. Crystal (hair & hairbase)
Designer elisaokkbye
Not only a Designer, her blog is amazing

ISON - winter cape (Harry Hyx)

 [S] Elsa - Red RARE - Cloak
(Adele Bumblefoot)

May´s Soul mishima haloback silver
(May Tolsen)


(Aymee Monk)

DeeTaleZ tweed riding overall red pants

IKON Hope Eyes - Daemon

Dead Apples Contour Blush

Sunday, November 23, 2014


*May's Soul* Angelica sheer blue
designer May Tolsen

::Axix:: Zhilan Blindfold [Compound]
 ::Axix:: Zhilan Scarf [Silver]
Designer Elise Mannequin

Luas Lunar bracers & Corsette
Designer AinaraLuas

+Nuuna+ Meta Blue

Maitreya Vintage Lace Gown -

/Wasabi Pills/ Kat Mesh Hair - Rye


On Zandra
{ DATUM } Crucify me - tattoo FADED
Designer NaomiMia

 .Keystone. Celeste // Ancient Gold ~ Onyx
Designer Aymee Monk

 Alchemy - Ritual - Chin - Gold
 Alchemy - Ritual - Neck - Gold

 *May's Soul* Angelica Bra
Designer May Tolsen

+ Double Hagoromo Gold + {aii} @ MP

.DirtyStories. Metal Tiara - Gold

alterego I asym skirt - solid

~ Soedara~ Berhawa-nafsu - Belt-

/Wasabi Pills/ Kat Mesh Hair - Rye

On Him:

Hair - Taketomi Ronaldo

Pants from AMD

Beard-  MUSCHI Holt beard black

 Awsome male shapes from U-BODY "Brick"

{ DATUM } -DEAD MOUSE - tattoo

Check out this store and links
Owner & designer NaomiMia

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Had a Blast

On Criminally Coy:
Temporary wearing the Mesh project meshbody and loud mouth lips
see how I will get along with it. It looks pretty just need to figure out all clothing. but i found some pretty things to add

 *May's Soul* Angelica  - Bodywrap white & body armour comes with a hud
Designer May Tolsen

KM (Kitty Moon) Celtic Cat Snowflake necklace
Designer Vanyi

=Zenith= Hun Archmage Antler (Begie)
Designer Miffyhoi Rosca ( Recently at The Secret Affair )

*OAL* Dragon Bracers EPIC
Designer Discovering Destiny

!lamb. Craft Spells (Mesh) - Blur Root

On Zandra Solo:

ieQED dapper.monocle
Designer Sigifaust

.Things.- Henna Bolero With Neck Faded

FDD GS *Starry Corset* NightSky (ULTRA)
 Designer Seller Xenno

+Nuuna+ Ina Gray

.:villena:. - H/W Leggings

ISON - dazzle gown sleeves black

Pure Poison - Lisa Sandals - Black

/Wasabi Pills/ Kat Mesh Hair - Rye

Peqe - Twisted fur black

Friday, November 21, 2014

Lay me down

{ DATUM } Black Cross RARE
Designer NaomiMia

 [CX] Lucifer's Halo (Rust)
Designer Kamayari

Yasum*MESH*Elven Gown
comes with a nice hud and includes the bracers
Designer Azlyn Vaher

/Wasabi Pills/ Kat Mesh Hair - Rye

Maitreya Vintage Collar - Ivory


You are my Purple

My Phil posing for me ♥

It is a saying about purple
many people say that if you mix a lot of colors you get the result of brown
but not in the artistic mind, there is a hint of purple in everything 
purple that connects it all simple;)
& so are you - my purple

Damselfly Julian Partial
Unorthodox Full Beard

::EQ:: Paladin Tunic ( Designer Titan Footman , original mesh)   @ TFC
>glYph< Hunters Mantle Male RARE
[Deadwool] Lahood pants
[SWaGGa] Assassin Boots

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What goes around

!dM Ianna - SilkDrape **TROPIC SUNSET** (rare)
Designer Chandra Meehan

.Keystone. Muse ~ Gold / Red
Designer Aymee Monk

:[P]:-Muse Loops:// Crimson
Designer Aikea Rieko

sandals- Essenz - Florida (White)

Maitreya Vintage Lace Gown - Iconic 
Maitreya Vintage Collar - Ivory  

/Wasabi Pills/ Kat Mesh Hair - Rye


Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Master Throne

more previews from the TSA that is up rolling
take your time and check the event up
So many good Designers Gathred

A pretty fancy Throne with MANY naughty and decent poses ♥

DRD Barbarian vampire throne  dark adult
Designer  Jaimy Hancroft


Cave Crush

!dM Ianna - SilkDrape **CRYSTAL HUES** (rare)
!dM Ianna - Ornament **CRYSTAL HUES** (rare)
!dM Ianna - SilkDress **PEARL** (rare)
Designer Chandra Meehan

[The Forge] Harvest Moon, Gold
Designer Deccan Arida

.aisling. Azlota Helmet
Designer Damian Kleiner & Druunah Esharham

The Secret Affair is hold from 15th-30th of November
Event managers is Manna Stoneshield & Duchess Flux

Enjoy your shopping

I will tell you this

The Secret Affair is open 15th-30th of Nov

.Keystone. Woodlander Headpiece {Gold}
Designer Aymee Monk

May´s Soul fur black
May´s Soul Bracelet Gold
Designer May Tolsen

:[P]:- Tangle Horns-Ridged:// Forest
:[P]:- Starias Dress [S]:// Tooled
 :[P]:-Muse Loops:// Wine
Designer Aikea Rieko

[Haste] Moon Harness Black
Designer Auston Harbour

[LeLutka]-ADILE hair - MarilynFade

FDD GS *Cheeky Ranger* Boots Fitted (curvy) Black (Ultra)
Designer Seller Xenno

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Box

A lovely add for your roleplaying
theese pretty boxes in different kinds 
*OAL*/*SP* RPGear - Collector Box -
left one the scribe box, the top one the tortuer box and a collector box
On A Lark & Sweet Poison
Designers Bella Domela & Discovering Destiny



the two first pictures from top
little bones. Snow Spell I
little bones. Snow Spell II
Designer Nova Faerye
@ The Secret Affair

The Two pictures below 
[Entwined] Arya
[Entwined] Ara
Designer Vivienmarli
@ The Secret Affair

You belong with me

Today The Secret Affairs opens
here is some more previews from the event that is hold by Manna Stone Shield & Duchess Flux
Event will be open 15th- 30th of Nov
:V.e. Tya Dress 
Tya Dress includes the tunicdress, belt, armor & the armleather & the shoulder fur
Fantasic form with the fabric wrinkles and the awsome texture, just love it!
Designer Valentinaevangelista

ieQED flower.wreath.bees
Designer Sigifaust


 {D.A} Striking Eyes - Tan

Friday, November 14, 2014


Tomorrow The Secret Affair opens
As usual the Designers Delivers with lovely Designs
15th-30 of Nov

Zibska -  Aproxima (shoulders)
Designer Zib Scaggs
@ The Secret Affair

.random.Matter. - Valeria Flower Crown - Silver
Designer Nikohl Hax
@ The Secret Affair

 [Haste] Nsia Harness  Black
[Haste] Nsia Thigh Harness Black
Designer Auston Harbour

booN YNO421 hair blonde

-UtopiaH- Innocent Body Tattoo

{D.A} Striking Eyes - Sunset


Cant Stay

Pure Poison - Viking Horns
Pure Poison - Luana Dress - Black
Designer Shaleene Kenin
soon@ The Secret Affair

[theSkinnery] Wisdom Makeup 2
Designer Umazuma Metaluna
soon@ The Secret Affair

*Dura* DBG52 -Women's -Black
Chiaki Xue

Color.Me.H.O.F [AnjaFurShoulders[Black]

ISON - summer long vest  (black)
ISON - moto leather pants (black)
Harry Hyx

[Keystone] Sparna Armour
Aymee Monk

FDD GS *Cheeky Ranger* Boots Fitted (curvy) Black (Ultra)
Designer Seller Xenno

the muses . Rainha . Mail suit . Black . Shirt
Dolce Blackflag

The Secret Affair open 15th-30th of Nov

and a little support and loving o Little Sweden stars this song made by Tove Lo -Habits (Stay High)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Spread your wings

>glYph< Hunters Mantle
Designer Adira Spingflower & Cry Hawker
@ FGC nov

Miamai_Ruralsun Pumps_Silver
Designer Pill Kanto
@ The Secret Affair

.Keystone. DreamCatcher / Gold / Onyx - Common
Designer Aymee Monk
@ FGC nov

... ][Murdock !nc.][ ... - Bondmaid Kittle - S - 1
 Designer Heidi Voorhees
@ Fantasy Room Nov

AITUI - Bull Horn Septum Piercing
AITUI TATTOO - Flight Over Fear   [Faded] 

[LeLutka]-HELEN tresses - MarilynFade

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Here is a headpiece you guys cant miss out! Its just fantasticlly fabulouse
=Zenith= Hun Archmage Antler (Begie)
Designer Miffyhoi Rosca
soon @ The Secret Affair

*{Junbug}* Tomoe-San [Ivory] 
Designer Juno Mantel

[DA] Fur Shawl (old item from MP)

Exile::After the Rain

The Secret Event managers Manna Stoneshield @ Duchess Flux
open 15th-30th Nov

Breake the edge

More previews from The Secret Affairs
event will be open 15th- 30th of Nov
The theme for the month of November is Harvest Moon. 

lassitude & ennui Fomhar dress - white 
Designer Jackal Ennui
Soon @ The Secret Affair

FDD GS Harvest Staff *Rowan-SoulReaper* Straight - RARE
Designer Seller Xenno
Soon @ The Secret Affair

AZOURY - Necklace - La Malice (White)
Designer Aniki Seetan
Soon @ The Secret Affair

 -Fox.Poison- Winter is Coming RARE
Designer Chrystal Galicia
soon @ The Secret Affair

Tatto - NOX. Tuari [Black / Full]
Designer Anya Mcconach & Olyvia Stratten
Soon @ The Secret Affair

*MUKA* Aura Bracer - White (Muka Release)