Sunday, August 31, 2014


Designer Adira Spingflower owner of Teriotrope & Cry Hawker owner of Ravensoul
have their own new Brand with their own mesh designs ">glYph< "
>glYph< Poisonous Necklace *Rubin*

~Tableau Vivant~Andree Hair - Regular - Summer

[Keystone] Miradi'el - Copper [Rare]

MONS / MESH - Septum Ring Silver
@ The Dressing Room

+ Hagoromo Silver + {aii} @ MP

"Enjoy the little things in life, and people who lightning your day"


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Welcome to Valhalla

Hey everyone, first I would like to thank the people of Tathassa for letting me take these photos on their well built sim. Then I would also like to thank my first sponsor [Gauze] with their amazing eyes and wonderful fantasy gear for my roleplay. I am featuring just 1 of their mesh eyes in this post and let me tell you, there are a lot of selections. You can check out all of the Asgard Pack on my flickr to see more of the colors that I am wearing in this post, they also come in two other designs for demons and hybrids, perfect for fantasy roleplay. As well featuring one of my favorite mesh builders Dark Prophet Designs.

Helmet: Meshed Up - Helmet *silver*
Chest Armor: DPD - Rebel 
Arms: DPD - Rebel
Pants: DPD - The North
Belts: DPD - The North
Gloves: Vicious Tape Gloves
Cloak: PFC - Northern Cape Winter
Boots: Snatched - Vanguard Boots

Skin: Labyrinth - Leaf
Shape: My Own
Eyes: [Gauze] - Asgard *Hod Human*
Beard: Vika - Beard
Scars: Corvus - Cheek Scar

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

CC rose

 .Enfant Terrible. Witch please
"fakefur" & "Necklace"
Designer leenfantterrible

LR Mystical Klaive

.PANIK. Dirrty Body - White


{D.A} Shattered - Pain

To that special you

"I Love you for all that you are

all that you have been

and all you yet been "

Monday, August 25, 2014

Tavern Ruffian

Hey guys, this is a bit of a throwback outfit for me, dating back to the early days of the Fallen. As you can see one of the scarfs is optional because it clips but it still looks fantastic. This outfit is perfect for the outlaw/bandit look for any of your roleplay needs.

Boots: Rochambeau - Bandit Boots (Tinted)
Kilt: Rochambeau - Bandit Kilt (Tinted)
Pants: Rochambeau - Medieval Pants Black (Tinted)
Scarves: *The Fallen* Man Of The Caste (Tinted)
Pauldron: Alchemy - Drengr Grimmr (Tinted)
Right Arm: DPD - Rebel (Tinted)
Eyepatch: The Forge - Bandage Patch
Left Arm Armor: The Forge - Daerwen Silver (Tinted)
Bracer: The Forge - Viking Bracer Left Worn Bronze (Tinted
Axe: [EZ] - Algard Axe
Hammer: LR Weapons - Warmog Hammer
Spear: Primus Weapons - Manatee Polearm

Skin: Labyrinth - Leaf
Shape: My Own
Facial Scar: The Imagined - Facial Scar
Face Tattoo: DragonBlood - Dragon Streak
Body Paint: Handverk - Thraso Body Paint
Hair: Little Bones - The Viking - FGC
Beard: Little Bones - The Viking - FGC

Two worlds

*May's Soul* Ave Maria flower headpiece

[Keystone] Hexi - Onyx - Onyx

[Keystone] Jeweled Harness - Onyx/Silver - Citrine

 [R3] - LeBlanc Top [V3]

 -DRD-  Brynhild armor

:V.e. Prudence Long Velvet Skirt Crow

.Reckless. - Octo (faded) tatto

*May's Soul* Spellbook

~Tableau Vivant~ Windang Hair

No Sound is Innocent

It´s not always easy to find things that comes in appliers... either it can be part appliers that missing in the outfit, and its not to funny to always reshape or to end up not shopping the pretty outfit youre looking at.
This Designer and Store I find very amazing nd just in my taste
their outfit comes with a so called " masterhud"or parted appliers and it offers the lola appliers, 
phat azz , wowmeh, brazilia , ghetto booty.
with that to say, I just love it and it makes the shopping pretty easy 
Designer Lindsay Kocherigin owner of  Blink2Wink 
Blink2Wink - Walk Of Shame [Black]

[SD] Junon Collar - Silver

{D.A} Shattered - Pain


Glam Affair skin - Kaelyn Artic

.:GSpot.. Imogens Headpiece Golds 
(Store Closed)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Genesian Pirate

Another blog post to let you all know I am here to stay, here's one for you pirate folk.

Jacket: LH - Outlaw Coat Alt 1
Belt: Alchemy - Drengr Grimmr Onyx (Tinted)
Necklace: Mandala - Dog Tags Gold
Pants: Unorthodox - Harem Pants Black
Hat: Deadwool - Tricorn
Eyepatch: The Forge - Bandage Patch
Boots: The Forge - Daerwen (Tinted)
Gloves (For Slink): Vicious Tape Gloves

Skin: Labyrinth - Leaf Skin
Beard: Hermony - Variant A
Scar: *The Imagined* - Facial Scar
Tattoo: Rebell - Deathbed


CC Dash

A little Dash of Criminally Coy:

Blink2Wink - Wrinkly Heart [Black] 

Deccan keeps producing many pretty designs
This armor is just lovely and suits all from slaves to the big greatest warrior
the full pack even comes with the leg armors to but choosed to keep Criminally a little bit innocent still with bare legs;)
[The Forge] Iron Clad Armour - Steel 
( collar, shoulder pauldrons, bracers, belt)

.Keystone. Malin - Ward of the wood / Silver
Designer Creative Aymee Monk 

Cae :: Odyssey :: Headband

{D.A} Shattered - Atlantis

TRUTH HAIR Chynna - Black&Whites01

And also Welcome my old Friend Pandaman Bravin to the blog (feel free to IM him in world with your question)
who will pull up some fanciness for the male part^^

Friday, August 22, 2014

Married To The Sword

Hey everyone, first I would like to thank my good friend Zandra to allow me to post on her blog. I love to do fashion in SL and play games so if anyone wants to play feel free to message me in world. This is my first post in quite a while so I apologize for any issues ahead of time and I hope to have a lot of fun. So here is an outfit from a lot of great creators. 

Hat: PFC - Kasa - FGC 
Chest Wrap: PFC - Lethal Ribs - FGC 
Belt: PFC - Ninjutsu Belt - FGC 
Shoulder: PFC - Oni Mask - FGC 
Headband: PFC - Wind Band - FGC 
Blindfold: Sweet Poison - Barret Band Coin - FGC 
Bracer: PFC - Aphrodite Bracer
Mask: Contraption - Compass Stalker Reversed 
Shoes: Love Re Me - Geta Black Blue (Modified) - OSF
Scarf: Mr Poet. - Knit Scarf White
Pants: CheerNo - Giza Anubis

Shape: Pekka - Thomas Male 1 (Modified)
Skin - Clef De Pau - Ryan T4
Body Tape- NaNa My Tape
Tattoo: Ner. Ink - Face Of Adversity
Beard: Unorthodox - Full Beard

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


May Tolsen Designer and owner of May`s Soul
have this pretty dress up at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*May's Soul* Mei Mei princess

*May's Soul* Ave Maria

 .Pekka. Somilia head jewel - onyx - ULTRA RARE
Designer Kathya Szczepanski owner of Pekka

:Enigma: Valkyrie Rust
Designer Damon Pinelli , owner of Enigma

*May's Soul* Africa necklace

hair - /Wasabi Pills/ Jean
at a monthly event Uber

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

White Shadow

Theese pants are awsome yeeah even for woman
Designer Damon Pinelli , owner of Enigma
 :ENIGMA: Battle Kilt White

Pucca Firecaster is the next creative Designer owner of PFC -"Pucca Firecaster Creations"
this lovely rope belt around the chest is now up at the rolling mashines at the Fatnasy Gacha Carnival
 PFC~NinjaStuffs - lethal ribs

 *Tentacio* Miyori collection
necklace and bracelets

.Keystone. Malin - Ward of the wood / Coppery
Designer Aymee Monk
will be up at the Fantasy Collective

Magika [Hair] Dreamy

-tres blah- Riding Boots  - Chocolate

MONS / Makeups - Eyeliner Print - blackmetal

Gawk! White Neckholder-Longtop


Monday, August 18, 2014

One life

Aymee Monk is a designer and owner of Keystone
A very very Creative person and you never get dissapointed in her designs that keeps showing up over the events and news at her mainstore
on this post I am wearing 2 of her designs - the headpiece and the pretty necklace
[Keystone] Charmed Necklace - Silver ~ Grey Coral @ the Seelie Court really soon
.Keystone. Trini - Golden  ~ White Spinel

I love this armour made by May Tolsen, owner of May´s Soul
*May's Soul* Thor revenge girls

+ Lamb. Pandora - Variety/Ombre/Eccentric

(fd) Simple Garter Underoos - White (worn on the left pose)

 [Haste] Knotted Rope Harness Ultra Rare Brown (worn on the left pose)
Designer Auston Harbour

Baiastice_Calypso dress-ice- (worn on right pose)

Peqe - Rock_Brown

Saturday, August 16, 2014


On Robin Passiflora:

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival up rolling
This pretty male shape I am wearing is made by Creator
 Paty Larimore, owner of Belissima
many pretty shapes for both woman and men is now at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

little bones. Viking
also at the FGC this round with the amazing Designer
Nove Faerye the owner of Little Bones, one of my favourite hair stores, dont miss out to take a visit at the mainstore

Damon Pinelli is delivering with theese awsome pants now at Tales of Fantasy
:ENIGMA: Battle Kilt White
there is a few base color you can buy and each pant you get a hud with to change the detail
 " leather/fabric" on

[The Forge] Eldar Armour

 {Exalted} Woodland Strider - Boots

Sesha Unisex Tattoo - Faded - Full body
@ MP

Friday, August 15, 2014

Last time

[geek.] Warcry Headpiece -White Rare -
Designer Jada Tigerpaw
now @ FGC

Una Mariko - collar & shoulderpads
Designer Una Daxter

 ieQED pirate.piece of eight.necklace RARE
Designer Sigifaust

[SG] Shield of the Tomoe (Draw) ULTRA
Designer Caine Engineer

.Pekka. Astrid bracer  - bronze - COMMON
Designer Kathya Szczepanski

{anc}Japaneseatelier/brush/kokihi 1Li RARE
Designer Aki69

[whatever] Drag Brow Bindis -
Designer AnnaGrey

MONS / Makeups - Sunny Smoke Eyeshadow - pink

(fd) Elysian Fields Dress Opaque - White
@ Collabor88


{D.A} Shattered - Glass

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


May Tolsen´s pretty outfit
May´s Soul Born to war
(panties and bra-top)

AinaraLuas  , owner of Luas Store
also participate at Tales of fantasy with this nice armors and horn headpiece
Luas Iballa

Spellbound Jezebel
hair & headjewel

Cloak Kollo- Fateplay

Monday, August 11, 2014

Nordic Wind

[Anyon] Nono Viking Shield (Ultra) 

>glYph< Varg Fur Vest 

[Haste] Strapping Warrior Black Harness

*TwInS FaShIoN - TF* NetTop Black

.Biddy. lace boyshort black

Tentacio crown gold RARE

Magika [Hair+] Dreamy

MONS / Makeups - Sunny Smoke Eyeshadow - yellow

 {D.A} Shattered - Muted Brown (Dead Apples)

[uL] Fitted Mesh Booty No.01

Lolas ::: Tango Delicq ::: Fitted Mesh Breasts

Slink Hands & Feets

One in a million

::Axix:: Akhan Shoulders (Ultra)
Owner and designer of Axix - Elise Mannequin
Thoose parts comes with a nice hud to change the 3 different parts as horns, chain or the skull
Now @ FGC

[Keystone] Miradi'el - Copper [Rare]
Designer Aymee Monk

Yasum*MESH*Pagan Folk Gloves*

TRUTH HAIR Angie - Browns03

~Siren's Call~normal Scythe darksilver

-Pixicat- Rogue - Brown

{RW} Achillia Brown Banded Top-
@ We<3Role-Play


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dont Wait

We<3Role-Play is open & tomorrow the Fantasy Gacha Carnival open its event

Designer Triad Fallen , owner of The Fallen
have made an absolute stunning dress, i was really looking forward to see him create woman wearings.
and here it he goes on and I am just WOW
Caelestis Bronze & White

This pretty necklace is made by Designer Nikohl Hax, owner of Random Matter
The machine will for sure deliver many pretty color variations of this necklace
.random.Matter. - Ragnor - Necklace - Copper/Black RARE
@ FGC the 8th of august

Caine Engineer Designer and owner of Stitched Gods
have made this pretty little set of the hat and the staff. you will fine some awsome helmets and more to the gacha fair this round
 [SG] Hat with a charm
 [SG] Tabigarasu no Bou - Cage RARE

Collar and bracers is made by designer May Tolsen, owner of May´s Soul
a pretty set that comes with a complete outfit, so make sure to  check it out also at this round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*May's Soul* Mei Mei princess

Like I said its gonna be so many nice creative designers this round of FGC and rolling machines. Aymee Monk , owner of Keystone made this lovely headpiece
[Keystone] Maise - Gold /  Pearl ~ Chained [RARE]

pr!tty - Geneva -

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


So many Creative and impressing Designers who will be in this round  of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival
This lovely Set I am wearing is made by Designer Tia Biscuit, owner of [Tia]
You better go have a look at her mainstore as well, with her wide sortiment of your fit;)
the set I am wearing is the leg and armwraps, headpiece, hairpins and staff
just look how amazingly detailed it is and this version comes with a hud where u can change the different metal or pearls and flower
[Tia] Empress
 @ FGC opens the 8th of august
 visit the Mainstore  while

Designer Chandra Meehan owner of devious Mind
makes sure to deliver with this pretty dress this round at FGC
!dM Sakura - ShibariDress **BRONZE DRAGON**
@ FGC soon

. Liquence . - F5 in Dark Browns

MONS / Makeups - Sunny Smoke Eyeshadow - yellow

Victim of a Foolish

Full outfit From Equinox, made By Titan Footman
Jacket, pants, boots - all made with mesh, different sizes and colors
will be up at We<3Role-Play
::EQ:: Vixen Tan

 Sweet Poison - Barret Band_Hook
Designer Bella Domela, owner of Sweet Poison
@ FGC soon!

Slayer from PFC
(Pucca Firecaster)

Hair from Truth - Siri browns

MONS / Makeups - Sunny Smoke Eyeshadow - orange

Monday, August 4, 2014


So much lovely designs will be on the Fantasy Gacha Carnival this round to
A huge applause to all who manage to keep this ongoing all from event owner Niccii Nitely, all amazing Designers and the shopping freak like uz;)
The event starts 8th of August

Designer leenfantterrible owner of .Enfant Terrible.
has a special kind of creatism that I adore and I am pretty sure you will see what I see just by looking at this amazing set I am wearing here
Crown, necklace, Staff, butterflies ( animated )
.Enfant Terrible. Moondchild Gold
@ FGC the 8th of august

This cool bodysuit is from [Haste]
, designer Auston Harbour
[Haste] Cutout Bodysuit Nude
Will be up on  the FGC this round and there will be maaaany colors of this prettieness
@ FGC soon

more FGC
Disceovering Destiny, owner of On A Lark will have a pretty set up to, - Lotus
im only wearing a part of it on this picture
*OAL* Lotus Pauldron  ULTRA
 *OAL* Lotus Sandal  RARE
@ FGC soon

As i Said in previouse post Anna C Grey ( Annagrey)
owner of  " whatever "
will have many pretty headpieces like this sweet one
youre able to change the textures on the different pearls contra the stones
shine & light
@ FGC 8th of August

[Keystone] Sparna Armour Bronze

pr!tty - Geneva -

MONS / Makeups - Sunny Smoke Eyeshadow - lime

teeth- PXL- @ MP

<3 Zandra