Friday, December 28, 2012

I let you judge this yourself ;) love zandra
Innocent doll from UNA store

I let you judge this yourself ;) love zandra

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

You definately need to take a visit at *OAL*...On a Lark. they been my  favourite store for years and She delivers with good outfits and its constantly something new going on... she has many beautiful furnitures and roleplay thingys as well.. the outfit im wearing is only one part of the outfit, this is the name of it "*OAL* Hung Dress Avg ~ Black"

skins.....skins ... baaah...skins... really i bought so many skins i could probably look like the Hulk if i mix them together..i love to buy them but i have hard to switch... i have test a few skins out at the Glam store and i am very surpriced to the better i actually start to admire it a bit^^

will add a song that fits the pic....never been a westlife fan  really but i got this on my mind

                                                       Silk Worms

There is to less viking outfits in sl really, but here you got one i wanna share that is awsome for misbehaving viking bonds^^ well the details can be mixed up and be worn by any role actually. just even better. its mesh and its JUST LOVELY go check it out at the pretty store Silk Worms.. you can find this in brown and black as well... the men even got a selection go go go
"~~MO~~ The Doe Salmon"

Sunday, December 23, 2012

                              I Strongly recomend furnitures by Tia Biscuit
Up above the pictures shows [Tia] War Strategy Table  which is very nice. her creations is very good  to match your home into rp , goes very good in medevial and gorean style...all from workstations til bathtubes and lounging. have a look at her  site at marketplace link here
or you can visit her in-world-store at Primus lands.... DONT miss to peek in at the other stores there...
im not done with Tias creations, the unique  about her makings is that they are LOW PRIMS and awsome meshy^^  , normally you get limited prims for use on your homes in the lands you live, she been smart enough to help us with this. ..even better is that she keeps popping up new aswomly things  GO TIA! <3
here is a link to Primus land  

Hair: Burley Bajka
Top: Maitreya Xarra Tunic 
Pants: SKE Design-Cat Black-
Boots: ::SP:: [Black Boots]    i love thoose mesh boots in many colors, take a visit at Cloeys store you will find many goodies  in-world-store----->
Tatto: lips=  Belleza Lily lipstick , warpaint--random one on marketplace woot woot,  eyelinesr is from pekka

Friday, December 21, 2012

This is for you bebe and for making me laugh and feel your love day in and day out <3
BUT i do feel like a christmas BORAT woman version muuhaahahaha

Friday, December 14, 2012

Pure and awsome dress  in mesh from can choose to wear it very simple or bring the detail and carry on with pride ;)    "LUAS ESTHER GOWN BROWN"
A fancy outfit from LUAS . it has attitude even if it is a slave outfit, now is only up  for you to prove it;) a slaves attitude is to compare with a charm of list ^^ i find this outfit bity and with very nice details, you can get it in more colors and it the wole pack you get  the legwarmers and bracelet and cloak to

this lovely hair is from one of my favourite  stores , Burley " Minna"

                                      LOVE ZANDRA

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dress boots and glasses is from DRD  all three products comes with a hud...makes it very fun to play with..  i love when clothes or details comes with this have so many colors and  looks to pick from both the boots and the glasses has  some fun textures as well
                                                 DRD platform boot
                                                 DR pack strapdress
                                                 DR glasses
you gotta go try them out...the dress is just lovely it goes very well up to mixture with your daily clothes as well..loves loves loves

adds a song for my lovely SL partner Pandaman hehe

25 Lindens  ONLY, you  find this awsome mesh dress at On a lark *OAL* you will see it  in a few colors, i love it! it also comes with  this awsome  shoulder cape... the shirt under is not with the dress. you gotta try it and now even it is  on sale woot woot "Burlap Kiss"