Tuesday, January 28, 2014


 Alright! geeeeez this month ha been busy, I must admit I been a little stressed trying as good as I can to put up the most I can of the gacha plus plus, even my pc decided to crash and delete all i had;( loosing more days of planning and work of thoose smoochie things. I really hope hope you all pay a visit to the gacha this round three. 
In this post I manage to get in some 25L tuesday from OAL & Teriotrope as well of course some gachas:)

[Teri] Athena Dress (25L tuesday) STORE
*OAL* Adair Cuffs ~ Gold , They are soooo goood!!!!! (25 L tuesday) STORE

New hair from redmint its suuuupaaa sweet
(r)M Hair No.16'14 ~ Brown Amber STORE

Enchantment Event is starting at the 1st of Feb
where you will find this lovely headpiece
.Enfant Terrible. Forest flowers black/dark flowers
Enfant Mainstore STORE

& for the gachas peeps we have thoose two items
I really fell in love with this collar, you can choose to have it cosmetic or scripted
made by Trippy Fall
!! SW !! Da Buzz Collar Tarnished scripted ULTRA RARE (FGC round3)
Silk Worms mainstore STORE
Then we have thoose cool poseballs, choose to either wear it to animate you or to rezz a pose, they are magical
. Infiniti . Keeper (FGC round3)
mainstore STORE

The die is cast

Itssssssssssssss Tuuuuesday!
Today Terotrope comes up with this lovely dress as an offer for the 25 linden tuesday, it comes in a few colors and it has a lovely swag^^ & The mesh belt to!!!
[Teri] Jeanne Dress  MainStore

A few more days I am gonna babble on further about the Fantasy Gacha Carnival
sooooooo along with the dress I choose to wear thoose lovely Sleeves From ::Equinox::
that will be on FGC this round 3!  EQ Mainstore

. a i s l i n g . Faranth Collar RARE (FGC round 3)
this is such a cool collar with very nice hud to it..you must check out the other pieces that belongs to it to...this gacha gonna rock your pockets;) also a link here to mainstore STORE

Yasum*MESH*Jester Hat*Ultra Rare*
JUST WOW, look how amazing it is, I love Yasums Designs and this pretty cool hat will also be up to the gacha (FGC round3) , also here the link to the mainstore STORE

.Enfant Terrible. Wayfarers sandals black STORE
Dead Dolls frozen stole  STORE
drd Armor -  forearm STORE


More gachas plus plus

 Peqe - Open Gown_White (RARE) (FGC round3)

.Luminary. Byzantine Crown Mithril/White (FGC round3)

.:EMO-tions:. * ELBENSOUL* circlet silver/pearl (FGC round3)

{RW} Briarthorn Bra - Silvered (FGC round3) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Five%20Blades/73/112/638

[SG] Monk Staff - Silver/Black (FGC round3)

[The Forge] Boadicea's Belt, (Silver/White).
[EZ] Lorien  Arm- Silver - White stone
[EZ] Lorien Left Thigh- Silver - White stone
[The Forge] Cadeyrn Lower Leg Armour
[The Forge] Daerwen Pauldron   

Zibska ~ Mitzi Eyeshadow Black ZIBSKA
+ Thorned Halo + Silver STORE
+Nuuna+ Meta White STORE
TEN"10 Sadina boots STORE
(Chemistry) Hair - Tamora STORE
.Pekka. Missy Chest piercings [Gold] STORE
{D.A} Sinistre - Sombre Day STORE

Monday, January 27, 2014


 A time back I use to be all obsessed by getting thoose lovely stones and see a new dwarfing getting alive with its own Stat.. So I made a little video for you to watch a little Dwarfng getting born in the lands of Unknown.  There is a whole world of dwarfins and all that comes with it
im gonna put up the webpage here and it will answer a lot of questions

It has a lifetime of 90 days and you will have to feed it making sure it has its health up
when a male and a woman dwarf are at full health they might fall in love and give an other birth stone
As I say the world is big and there is this market for it
And they are absolutely lovey to just observe <3
Well in this gacha you will get the small dwarfins that you can attach to yourself, like a miniatyr buddy standing by your side.. or there will be the full avatar set in different kind, with shape cloth and skin
Have fun with this cool Gacha!


 Only some day left to the doors open at FGC
Today me and Infinite finally made some time ot take some pic´s, if you wanna know what this sexy swag is wearing you need to click this link to his blog^^

The collar I am wearing is absolutely awsome! Its made by my friend and favourite designer Adira Spingflower
Its a very pretty add for many tops and dresses, even for slave outfit as well, makes it a bit royality touch in it
It´s a MUST have <3333333
~The Library~ Skadi Headdress Fire (FGC round3) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//244/17/649
Enfant Terrible. Staff Roses ULTRA RARE (FGC round3) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Perfection/162/196/2502
{RW} Briarthorn Bra - Barked (FGC round3) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Five%20Blades/73/112/638

 .Enfant Terrible. Wayfarers sandals  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Perfection/162/196/2502

Sunday, January 26, 2014

There is only one way

Its hard to find some pants sometimes htat falls right in your taste, Today I was a happy girl swinging my swag over a store to get thoose goodies. They comes with the boots and a cool top ,the belt and the top im not wearing here...
Vesmos Black Female Outfit FashionNatic

The hair is from Truth & lately I been buying the variety pack, which has a nice hud with a few options of colors
TRUTH HAIR Esperanza

drd Armor - shoulder
DN Mesh: Buttoned vest w Belt (has an awsome hud to most of their clothes)
4-5 days left for the grand opening of the gacha carnival, here is what I am wearing from there on the pic
DPD - Arm Wraps - Grit  *Rare*  (FGC round3)
Spots [Demonic] (FGC round3)
ieQED cache.crown.stag.pitch ULTRA-RARE (FGC round3)
*OAL* Talon Staff (FGC round3)
*OAL* Talon Ring (FGC round3)
BP_Storyteller Pipe (Norseman's Journey) ultra rare (FGC round3)


Nothing´s gonna change

 WOW this outfit is so cool, I was so amused when I put it on and just loved it!
Its been a stressfull month for many , & we are finally soon at the 1st of february when the doors open for all at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival Round3
I know its been a lot talking and posts in many groups lately ...getting ppl to wait a WHOLE  month before htey can buy the item.... But I have to tell you that a month is really needed for such, I have realized this now... Designers are still finnishing their last things and all people around still got plenty work to do 
here is a link so you can watch the gachas on flickr as well 

this is the whole outfit I am wearing except the lovely headpiece
!dM deviousMind "Harpyia" **GOLDEN NIGHTINGALE** RARE (FGC round3)

On my head I am wearing a cool headpiece that fits excellent to all kinds of roleplay, & imagine what you van do with the feathers^^
Made by Cloey Scorfield owner of Sweet Pea
::SP:: Nitestar [Ultra Rare Love]  (FGC round3)

 TRUTH HAIR Esperanza

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Who am I

At one point you can ask youself " Who am I? and who the fuck is driving?

naaah not that bad, but thoose words are often used around where I live with a clang of humour
Damon Pinelli owner of :Enigma: made it possible for me to put thoose letters up for my roleplay name
I just LOVE them!
its supercute and so cozy to have around in the house, surrounded by the lovely candles that goes with the letters, this is gonna be a hell of a cool gacha
at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Starts at the 1st of Feb, BET you didnt know that;)

gonna start add the landmark for the sim as we soon are there^^

Designers and bloggers are doing such great job and they all still working on things for fullo!

over and out smooochies <3

Easy lost Easy broken

I just had to make a little clip for you to see how lovely thoose wings from DRD are
watch it!

Me and OJ are meeting in the sweet line of SL where my roleplay and his SL life boarder are
in this awsome pose you can almost feel what I mean where we will pull eachothers shape back and forth over this sweet boarder line
pose is from Photo Tonic that will be up on this Fantasy Gacha crnival round3 (includes the photoblade)
-DRD- demonic wings albino RARE (FGC round3)
*OAL* Bette corsette, gloves, collar thong (FGC round3)
.Pekka. Ribbon Cross Collar - snow RARE , ( wearing over the OAL collar) (FGC round3)
Primus Glace' Mallet 5.5 (rainbow bright) awsome melee with supercute design! (FGC round3)
[DBF] Leendah crown silver ultra RARE (FGC round3)
[UN] Shaman Earcuff - Dark Prismatic
[UN] Walton (scripted...pet it name it make it talk) (FGC round3)
[SG] Shield of the Stag Rare (FGC round3)

.Enfant Terrible. Ribbon Ballerina ( will only be up at the Enchantment event during feb.)
[LeLutka]-EMELI hair - Marilyn
Damselfly Hair Base Blonde Dusky
MONS / Makeups - Eyeshadow Clubber - gold