Friday, January 17, 2014

Ad Valorem

I am so amused over all people who are involved the Fantasy Gacha Carnival´s Talents and strength
Before I got the honor to be asked to blog on this event I never in my life understood how much work there is around everything
It has open my eyes and reflected how all people who are involved to this event share the passion

Designers, there is tears there is joy, a lots of focus and frustration
Bloggers, there is time , linden , focus, research, frustration laughter
so lot more
& time time time ,messy note papers, bitten nails, JOY. I hav´nt even mention the half of what people got to deal with
To fullfill this passion for what we all like to do

Here is three lovely things that will be up on the Fantasy Gacha Carnival
:Enigma: Rage Shield Brown (Rare) ( By Damon Pinelli )  
Waiting excited for him to reopen his store again

.Enfant Terrible. Midsommer Dream ( By Leenfantterrible )
So amazing details & Midsummer means lot to me, so it get me into a passion moment making this picture with lot memories of our Swedish crazy lovely traditions

[Keystone]  Bru'ella - Silver x Black / Rare ( By Aymee Monk )
I love her stuff, Aymee never dissapoints me with her awsome designs
This round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival is gonna make your pockets empty, its so many amazing things that will be up

Magika [Hair] Sudden
.:GSpot:. Dyonysos bride creme bracer
+ Thorned Halo + Bronze
-AZUL- EvaLuxury Skirt

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