Sunday, January 12, 2014



Wanna introduce my old friend M1K3Y poooo who created his own pretty male blog!
He has a good and messy taste just thoose crazy things we wanna see
Im looking forward to see what will be up next
when we took thoose pics he was kind enough to let me involve all the awsome Gacha items along his pretty outfit and shape
Here is M1K3Y´s link to his Blog

for a funny messy home this awsomness
[GJ] Gacha Junky - Castaway (bed) RARE

This amazing kitty angel innoccent one has some cool poseball along it, both singel and couples
its just sooo cutie, very nice to add on a nice spot in your home
[byDesign] Sitty Kitty  - Angel RARE

[LJ] Traveler's Hat  - Patchwork (RARE)  By Tala Laval
the hat is awsome and this rare one has a texture changer by just a little click;)

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