Saturday, February 1, 2014


 An other Item you will have the chance to win at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival
THOUGH my two sweet friends are NOT included which is a shame right??
;) Thank you Xander Sleydon & Tasja Rage for being cleptomans in my room
The bed has many poses and options, so does the chairs and sofa to
its a very good deal either what prize you get, it looks very  royal and pretty on spot!
{Tiar} bed ultra rare , comes with this texture changer hud of 6 colors

 Lately I got some very nice feedback and good critic of how to make things better or to answer some questions, I love to hear that respond so dont be afraid to ask me anything, I will gladly help out.
during a moment I met a very pretty girl and her master , this is how I came over this awsome wall scroll
so long they sells their products over marketplace,&  their mainstore
made by Zach Kaststein (zachkaststein) & Ashira Kaststein (isabellaraven)

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