Thursday, February 6, 2014


The show goes on!
events in all corners and lots pretty things up, its faMESHed , TMD, Fantasy Room, Fantasy Gacha Carnical, there is lovely tuesdays & WE<3RP, Enchantment, and lots more

*LE* Laiquendi Boots Forest 1 (Fantasy Room)
OrsiniSun Glory  the panties and top (Fantasy Room)
!dM Harpyia - wings  **GOLDEN NIGHTINGALE** RARE (FGC)
RS Prue Vest  (WE<3RP)
[Teri] Nasreen Crown Special Edition , comes with a nice color hud (Fantasy Room)
*May's Soul* Loto hair stick (Fantasy Room)
[e] Jana
*UI* bottles with different items in, they are so cool and looks amazing with a few of them moving inside of them  (**United InshCon**)  (Fantasy Room)