Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dont Loose Yourself

I am so greatfull to meet so lovely people in a so called "Game" Sl
For me thoose close peoples of mines are not a game, they fill my part time with joy
Adira Spingflower is one of thoose I would say has the greatest heart and a special relation to
She has this 25L tuesday this pretty slave outfit up 
[Teri] Marla 
(the bra, neckcorsette & skirt)

~Soedara~ Bruised body Soedara
I love Soedara for years, so many good slave outfits and jewels options as well as boots

The pretty bunny was gifted from My mama Sweetest dearest Cloey 
if i have done my lessons and studies correct , you can get this at the chapter four
Birdy/Alchemy - Spring Babes - Bunny - Fudge
its a sweet gacha machine so it means its also transferable, very cute for gifts to!
At the chapter four i got over this hair as well - Little bones
little bones. Eden

An other favourite maker of mine is Pucca Firecaster, which armours I am wearing in this post
PFC~War Kitten @ We<3Role-Play
take a good look at her mainstore as well, soooo many cool stuff there all from furniture to weapons & clothing

Slink Sandals & Slink feets & Slink hands

This Norwegian man has soooooo many nice songs, if you have the time check out his other songs as well
Anyways here is one taste of his 

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