Monday, April 28, 2014

Mirror Mirror on the Wall


The Basic table is from KOSH on the table we have some pretty details that will be up on the Fantasy Gacha Carnival
opens the 4th of May
Designer Cloey Scorfield owner of Sweet Pea have created thoose pretty gurly stuff to decorate our homes with;)
 ::SP:: Common Jar 4   &  ::SP:: Common Jar 1
::SP:: Rare Compact White   &  ::SP:: Common Powder Kit Wood
::SP:: Ultra Rare Sun Flower MIrror White & wood , plus the common black one
::SP:: Common Trey BWood

When i got this fluffies in my hands i wondered wtf is this... i never seen any like it or didnt know what it was. I have found my way to decorate with it and is supercuuuute
Common Fluffy - Pink , Teal & purple
When you click on them it comes an option of sounds they can make, they are pets, thoose i have here are shoulder version, but choose to rezz them and decorate with them, works just perfectly
Designer Irriven - store Rivendale /  aka / Decadent Courtesan

Then we have theese pretty chains on the table from Muneria
 Munereia-C'est En Forgeant-Chains*Common*
Designer Rhenu
Who has an amazing blog as well you better check it out, its so pretty

Also we have this cool floor lamp from Kei Spot
Designer Keiko Zoon
Kei's Under the Sea Floor Lamp (green)

Statue heads you will find at The mens Dept
{theosophy} Dinmael Bust (Sand/Gold)
{theosophy} Dinmael Bust (Coal/Gold)

Background mirror larger ones
Frogstar - Mirror Mirror Cracked (Silver)
Frogstar - Mirror Mirror Cracked (Onyx)

on floor light
[DDD] Pinecone Votive Candles (3 in a Row)

[DDD] Scroll Basket Prop

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