Wednesday, April 2, 2014

No Way Out

Only A few days left for the Secret Affair opens the doors
its themed The Games of Thrones and the Designers are for sure Delivering with such awsome designs!
The Throne here is made by Lovely Tia and offers the full poses for your roleplay^^
[Tia] Throne of Swords - Adult @ The Secret Affair
.aisling. LadyOfHighgarden Hands Gold  @ The Secret Affair
.aisling. LadyOfHighgarden Headpiece ULTRA RARE (lovely Hud to it) @ The Secret Affair
 PFC~Dragon Slayer - Belt (iron) @ The Secret Affair
Soo cool Chestplate, finally up for us to play with  DRD female armor light GOT @The Secret Affair
 [Tia] House of the Lion Brosh @The Secret Affair

 !lamb. Gemini (Mesh) - Blur Root Lamb

[DA] Right Plate Boot. (MP)

PFC~War Kitten - Hip
PFC~War Kitten - Arm 

.:villena:. - H/W Leggings SplicedBlackV1 Mainstore

the muses . Rainha . Mail suit . Black . Shirt Mainstore

tatto- Zibska - Saskia ~ Black (from past Enchantment event)

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