Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dont Wait

We<3Role-Play is open & tomorrow the Fantasy Gacha Carnival open its event

Designer Triad Fallen , owner of The Fallen
have made an absolute stunning dress, i was really looking forward to see him create woman wearings.
and here it he goes on and I am just WOW
Caelestis Bronze & White

This pretty necklace is made by Designer Nikohl Hax, owner of Random Matter
The machine will for sure deliver many pretty color variations of this necklace
.random.Matter. - Ragnor - Necklace - Copper/Black RARE
@ FGC the 8th of august

Caine Engineer Designer and owner of Stitched Gods
have made this pretty little set of the hat and the staff. you will fine some awsome helmets and more to the gacha fair this round
 [SG] Hat with a charm
 [SG] Tabigarasu no Bou - Cage RARE

Collar and bracers is made by designer May Tolsen, owner of May´s Soul
a pretty set that comes with a complete outfit, so make sure to  check it out also at this round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival
*May's Soul* Mei Mei princess

Like I said its gonna be so many nice creative designers this round of FGC and rolling machines. Aymee Monk , owner of Keystone made this lovely headpiece
[Keystone] Maise - Gold /  Pearl ~ Chained [RARE]

pr!tty - Geneva -

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