Monday, August 4, 2014


So much lovely designs will be on the Fantasy Gacha Carnival this round to
A huge applause to all who manage to keep this ongoing all from event owner Niccii Nitely, all amazing Designers and the shopping freak like uz;)
The event starts 8th of August

Designer leenfantterrible owner of .Enfant Terrible.
has a special kind of creatism that I adore and I am pretty sure you will see what I see just by looking at this amazing set I am wearing here
Crown, necklace, Staff, butterflies ( animated )
.Enfant Terrible. Moondchild Gold
@ FGC the 8th of august

This cool bodysuit is from [Haste]
, designer Auston Harbour
[Haste] Cutout Bodysuit Nude
Will be up on  the FGC this round and there will be maaaany colors of this prettieness
@ FGC soon

more FGC
Disceovering Destiny, owner of On A Lark will have a pretty set up to, - Lotus
im only wearing a part of it on this picture
*OAL* Lotus Pauldron  ULTRA
 *OAL* Lotus Sandal  RARE
@ FGC soon

As i Said in previouse post Anna C Grey ( Annagrey)
owner of  " whatever "
will have many pretty headpieces like this sweet one
youre able to change the textures on the different pearls contra the stones
shine & light
@ FGC 8th of August

[Keystone] Sparna Armour Bronze

pr!tty - Geneva -

MONS / Makeups - Sunny Smoke Eyeshadow - lime

teeth- PXL- @ MP

<3 Zandra


Anonymous said...


Please, do something for your avatar mouth, really, because:

Zandra Solo said...

Hehe good comparing , a big smooth kiss to u with some epic lips;) as long as i like Them for that skin i guess i Will keep it so. Ty for your thoughts <3