Thursday, August 28, 2014

Welcome to Valhalla

Hey everyone, first I would like to thank the people of Tathassa for letting me take these photos on their well built sim. Then I would also like to thank my first sponsor [Gauze] with their amazing eyes and wonderful fantasy gear for my roleplay. I am featuring just 1 of their mesh eyes in this post and let me tell you, there are a lot of selections. You can check out all of the Asgard Pack on my flickr to see more of the colors that I am wearing in this post, they also come in two other designs for demons and hybrids, perfect for fantasy roleplay. As well featuring one of my favorite mesh builders Dark Prophet Designs.

Helmet: Meshed Up - Helmet *silver*
Chest Armor: DPD - Rebel 
Arms: DPD - Rebel
Pants: DPD - The North
Belts: DPD - The North
Gloves: Vicious Tape Gloves
Cloak: PFC - Northern Cape Winter
Boots: Snatched - Vanguard Boots

Skin: Labyrinth - Leaf
Shape: My Own
Eyes: [Gauze] - Asgard *Hod Human*
Beard: Vika - Beard
Scars: Corvus - Cheek Scar

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