Tuesday, September 16, 2014


This lovely shoulder armor and skirt, you will as well find at The Secret Affair
Pure Poison - Lianne Armor
Designer Shaleene Kenin, owner of Pure posion
 .random.Matter. - Lenore Ring - Black
.random.Matter. - Ariadne Ring - Black

Deccan Arida always delivers, with his wide sortiment and lovely creations
many pretty details and things for both woman and men to wear
Designer and owner of The Forge
[The Forge] Valkyrie Bracer Steel
[The Forge] Valkyrie Armour, Steel

May´s Soul is a store that been involved ot my second life time over years. May Tolsens designs been a good apply for the roleplay over all thoose years
 pretty crown and jewelshead piece
May´s Soul bone crown
May´s Soul bone headpiece gold

Magika [Hair] Sudden

{D.A} Shattered - Fallen City

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