Thursday, October 2, 2014


I asked Puddin- RAVE SEETAN (im such a noob to dispell) earlier today to go do bad things with me..but that wasnt the real truth
This Ice Bucket Challange is put up by the many great designers fair
some of there items will be donated for 2 weeks to help raise awareness about ALS
This is where this sweet Ice bucket Contest comes in, by buying a bucket you will not only enter the contest , you will also support to donate the

Sooooo we went on to our internationell suits and made a shoot

therefore I Nominate


FreyjaSkadi - just course she is a little brat & I think it will suit her  ♥

Madeleine Andretti - just course she is awsomly lovely ♥

 Nieleav Kowalski

NOTE – the picture HAS to be taken at the photo stand on the sim and you HAVE to add the picture to the named flickr group – so get dressed up and get ready to drop some ice on you, cause this contest is going to be a fun one to be a part of, and on top of that, your doing it for a good cause.

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