Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Glad I made a second look at the Mystic Realms Faire, where I notice some new stuff up in Skjern Designs store. This pretty Abigail outfits and boots!
Designer a good old Friend of mine and I am so happy to see how she perform her creativiness!
Ninette Secretspy , also cold LuLu ♥
[SD]Abigail_Clothing_Ivory  shirt
@ Mystic Realms Faire MRF

[SD] Junon OpenCollar - Gold
@ Skjern Design

UNA Fairy WingsSilver RARE (Una Daxter)

.Keystone. Anike's Circlet (Gold) - Diamond ( Aymee Monk)
@ ToF

[Entwined] Kahlan (vivienmarli)
a little hairstore, some hair I never tried before and they look pretty good

22769 ~ [accessories] Roses Tiara Gold [rare] (Paco Pooley)

DN Mesh: Bami Top (Beanster Potato)
@ DuckNipple

.Enfant Terrible. Chloes Bracer pearl (leenfantterrible)

[Teri] Forged Thigh Bracer  White Carbon Ultrarare
 (Adira Spingflower)

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