Friday, October 10, 2014

You dont have to

An awsome new dress in store made by designer areve , owner of Pixicat
-Pixicat- Femke.Gown - White

:.::Hot Stuff::.: Pantyhose white @ MP

.Keystone. Victoria ~ White
Designer Aymee Monk

MOON // Hair // Square One

[CX] Cascading Peony (Silver) RARE (kamayari)

Pure Poison - Shakeelah Necklace
Pure Poison - Lisa Sandals - Black
Designer Shaleene Kenin

*T.Whore* - Sexy Fur Stole White

{Dead Apples} Striking Eyes - Tan

-DRD- darkforest horns Ash

 ~Soedara~ Cihuapilli Simple Eye Gold

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