Monday, May 18, 2015

Could´nt fight it

On left Zandra:
Noodles - Esme Body Chain Bronze & thigh & belt
Designer Natalee Oodles
soon @ TFC

+Spellbound+ Kiki

Maitreya meshbody Lara

Loudmouth Alli

teeth illmatic

On Right Criminally:

!gO! Moth  
Designer Gocha Merlin

Kibitz - Casey choker - copper [open collar] @ mainstore
Kibitz - Agda nose chain {R} - copper @ we♥role-play
Designer Kathya Szczepanski

little bones. Lock


Anonymous said...

Nice but the women models look sad and depressing. What's with all the down turned lips? Vampires?

zandra said...

No dear, no vampires. It is just how I prefers it;)