Sunday, June 7, 2015

Way to much pride

Glam Affair - Sirya Cloak  Sunlight

American Beauty- Body Tube Dress Nude- 

MG - Tikka - Maharani

MONS / MESH - Unisex Septum Ring (style-6) gold RARE

[e] Eden

[Foxes] - Aviator Jacket - Fur Collar 

Kibitz - Nara belt & top- copper

Pure Poison - Akira Sandals - Brown - Maitreya



Esper said...

I'm kinda curious, what's with the weird anatomy on the avatar? The outfits are nice, but I'm always caught by the aberrant proportions and hips. It's a curious choice alongside the static/vacant facial expression/droopy scowl it's always sporting.

Just interested in the design logic there and what the intended aesthetic was, as it seems to carry across all the images in spite of the otherwise interesting wardrobes.

Zandra Solo said...

It is how I choose to form my ava in my sl world just simple.