Thursday, July 16, 2015

To we see the sun

Perving Tasja Rage for the pretty outfit she is wearing, many lovely items from The Secret Affair that now has the event open!!!!
The event is hold By Manna Stoneshield & Duchess Flux
Creative designers that makes sure to deliver!

On Zandra:

Zibska- Gallus (headpiece)
Designer Zib Scaggs

[Black Bantam] Roman Soldier Eagle (there is even a ridable version!!!)
Designer Stacey Oller

Kibitz - Amanda necklace - copper
Designer Kathya Szczepanski

Luas Gladiator Pauldron L RARE
Luas Gladiator Bracer L RARE
Designer AinaraLuas 

[LAB737] Pauldron Right Upper Arm
[LAB737] Lower Vambrace Right Lower Arm
Designer wiredexperiment

May´s Soul Minerva spear
Designer May Tolsen
@ The Secret Affair

PFC~Eien -sword/katana
Designer Pucca Firecaster

:Enigma: Ragnar [Kilt] Black 
Designer Damon Pinelli

(r)M Hair No.38'15
Designer Moni Schulze
@ The Hair Fair 2015


On Tasja Rage:

 LAB737] Pauldron Upper Arm
[LAB737] Lower Vambrace Lower Arm
Designer wiredexperiment

 PFC~Hydra - helmet
 PFC~Fundoshi (pants)
Designer Pucca Firecaster

Top- Alegria- Marcia 
Designer katanablender

May´s Soul Minerva spear & shield
Designer May Tolsen

Tasja Rage blog:


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