Saturday, August 1, 2015

There is a war

A dear friend & an awsome original mesh designer
is participating this round of FGC
here is a sneak peek for his item this cool shield, I just love it!
 -( AEGIS }- Time Ticker Shield
Designer Mattchu Iceghost
soon @ we♥rp

Keystone has changed name to Charm
Looking forward for your lovely designs Aymee
.Charm. Beulah
Headpiece- nosechain- belt & bracers
Designer Aymee Monk
soon @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

La jolie Katana pose
Designer Aaisling

Another lovely creative friend is participating this round of TTS
This lovely shoulder shrug can be very useful for plenty of outfits and comes in many different colors
I choosed to wear the royal one;)
>glYph< Royal Ermine  Royal/Gold
Designers Cry Hawker & Adira Spingflower

=DeLa*= Fitted Mesh Hair "Dasha" Blacks and Whites

[EZ] Staff of Damascus, Sword 

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