Saturday, January 18, 2014


Many post during this month, really feel like ninja fucked up ;)
or a feeling like having the arrows through my body just as in above
Awsome arrows from PFC as many other things of Pucca Firecaster´s store

now more FGC!!!
22769 ~ [accessories] Lyra Crown Bones/Copper RARE  (FGC round 3)

.la petite morte. eye patch-rare 2 (FGC round 3)

DC Decadent Courtesan - Longest Night Female - Silver (Rare)  (FGC round 3)

[LH] Sheridan Necklace - RARE - Pearls Galore - Gold for blog (FGC round 3)

Ulfhildr Armor ~Brown Fur
PFC shoulder fur - Reaper
PFC skulls on hip
[The Forge] Boadicea's Belt, Silver


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