Monday, January 27, 2014


 A time back I use to be all obsessed by getting thoose lovely stones and see a new dwarfing getting alive with its own Stat.. So I made a little video for you to watch a little Dwarfng getting born in the lands of Unknown.  There is a whole world of dwarfins and all that comes with it
im gonna put up the webpage here and it will answer a lot of questions

It has a lifetime of 90 days and you will have to feed it making sure it has its health up
when a male and a woman dwarf are at full health they might fall in love and give an other birth stone
As I say the world is big and there is this market for it
And they are absolutely lovey to just observe <3
Well in this gacha you will get the small dwarfins that you can attach to yourself, like a miniatyr buddy standing by your side.. or there will be the full avatar set in different kind, with shape cloth and skin
Have fun with this cool Gacha!

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