Monday, January 13, 2014

Heart Cry

This normally quiet January is less quiet period for others
there is so many bloggers and awsome Designer working on this event
Tears and Joy 
1st of February you better have a ticket to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival^^

{RW} Briarthorn Bra - Barked  ( FGC round 3)
Zibska ~ Manna [rare]   ( FGC round 3)
LaGyo_Victory necklace copper/black
.Enfant Terrible. Chloes Bracer black 
pr!tty - Rain 
Slink Ilena Sandals  & Slinkfeets
Maitreya Vintage Lace Gown - Raven (Collabor88)

Zibska has a lovely store, i pay a visit there often to admire her designs
its pretty pretty cool details for both men and woman

I soooo love this Thorned Bra, it comes in many sizes and a very good fit to have over dresses or just wear it over a bare breast
its smoooooooooch;)

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