Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Just Fade Away

Itsssss Tuesday! which means 25 L tuesday
here I am wearing a pretty slave outfit from On A Lark
also this tuesday thoose awsome Pendants and necklace will be up, comes with a texture hud

The crown and the wings on my head, will be comming up on the event Fantasy Gacha Carnival
They are sooo pretty!
in the pictures under you will see what will be on the gacha machine

.::DD::. Vermithor Crown - RARE  (FGC round 3)

.::DD::. Sharra Wings - Gold/Black - RARE (FGC round 3)

*OAL* Kriss  Pendant and necklace ( 25 L tuesday)

pr!tty - Jaia -


Imogen Jie said...

Why am I regretting not blogging this event. *headdesks* Those headpieces are dope.

Zandra Solo said...

Haha they surely are