Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I will Wait for you

Moooore awsome outfits up on this tuesday, you better hurry to get the good offer on this day
i choose to mix up a little
so I am wearing the Luas outfit that includes the dress the arm jewels and the belt & necklace
also the goldy mask that you can see on the Chair on lowest picture
so good price for all this is just unbelivable
LUAS TARNA IVORY ( 25 L tuesday)

NEXT lovely awsome thing i wear is the smexy cool mask from Black Pearl
its gonna be up on the Fantasy Gacha Carnival
[BP] Runa - War Cry - ultra rare
also comes with the black tatto layer under it
I have long time admire her design and store 
so here you got a quick link to her mainstore , Well done Yasay

The well made Chair you will find in an other Gacha machine at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Tiar Chairsingelblack
Tiar Mainstore

. a i s l i n g .  PenndenBanner
.: ryvolter :. Mink Princess Stole - Snow
. Liquence . - F4 in Dark Browns
.Pekka. Missy Chest piercings [Gold]
Dead Apple - Sombre Day
.Enfant Terrible. Wayfarers Sandals light grey (unpacked)


Imogen Jie said...

Can't wait to get this headpiece...aarrggghh the wait.

Zandra Solo said...

This event gonna be a crazy roll. So many good designers !!!