Sunday, January 26, 2014

Nothing´s gonna change

 WOW this outfit is so cool, I was so amused when I put it on and just loved it!
Its been a stressfull month for many , & we are finally soon at the 1st of february when the doors open for all at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival Round3
I know its been a lot talking and posts in many groups lately ...getting ppl to wait a WHOLE  month before htey can buy the item.... But I have to tell you that a month is really needed for such, I have realized this now... Designers are still finnishing their last things and all people around still got plenty work to do 
here is a link so you can watch the gachas on flickr as well 

this is the whole outfit I am wearing except the lovely headpiece
!dM deviousMind "Harpyia" **GOLDEN NIGHTINGALE** RARE (FGC round3)

On my head I am wearing a cool headpiece that fits excellent to all kinds of roleplay, & imagine what you van do with the feathers^^
Made by Cloey Scorfield owner of Sweet Pea
::SP:: Nitestar [Ultra Rare Love]  (FGC round3)

 TRUTH HAIR Esperanza

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