Saturday, January 25, 2014

Who am I

At one point you can ask youself " Who am I? and who the fuck is driving?

naaah not that bad, but thoose words are often used around where I live with a clang of humour
Damon Pinelli owner of :Enigma: made it possible for me to put thoose letters up for my roleplay name
I just LOVE them!
its supercute and so cozy to have around in the house, surrounded by the lovely candles that goes with the letters, this is gonna be a hell of a cool gacha
at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Starts at the 1st of Feb, BET you didnt know that;)

gonna start add the landmark for the sim as we soon are there^^

Designers and bloggers are doing such great job and they all still working on things for fullo!

over and out smooochies <3

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