Thursday, April 24, 2014

I wanna see your animal side

On Robin:

Vanyi owner of Kitty Moon has a pretty cool offer at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival
so man yourself up and bring your animal side to the roleplay YEAH
KM SKULL Shawman  Silver - Rare 
on picture it includes the staff, loinbelt, headband
@ FGC opens 4th of May

**Box-S-Set *T.E.D-Ego* Arena/BLK ( chest/shoulder & thighs)

**Box- Slave Set T.E.D.Rough/BLK ( Bracers)
@ Tigereye Design

Pure Poison - Khal Drogo - Black Belt

FATEplay Cloak - Kollo - Tundra / Winter
( have ot go down left beside the casual clothing, where there is an other room spot)

BUID Tattoo inside face  82(Black) 1

FINESMITH Close to heart

*Dura-Boys&Girls*50(Dark Brown)

[PXL] OpenMouth PRO Teeth v2.0 

{D.A} Sinistre - Desaturated Melange

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