Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Time to Hail Mighty Pirates

Big thanks to smexy Jesusheist for letting me molest & perv him
here is what he is wearing

Hat - Noodles - Scurvy Wench Hat Brown RARE

headband -  Wertherio RedHeadband

headband2 - RO - Atlantis Headband - Ahoy! Black

hair -  Dura-Boy 32 Black

piecrings - .Pekka. Canion Unisex Piercing Black Cute / Poison - Ova

necklace - -DRD-  targaryen claw necklace

jacket - B@R - Pirate Emperor with red sash and belt

belts - -DRD- GOT Wolf belt / (Ro) Tharkun Belt

gloves - Kauna - Fingerless Gloves

tattoo - -UtopiaH- Disturbed Tribal Tattoo / ::: B@R ::: Pirate Emperor Tattoo Undershirt

pants - (Ro) The Black Hound Pants / [Pumpkin] Skintight pants (black)

boots - J's Studded Long boots (Black)

weapons - [EZ] Drake's Cutlass (Gold) / [Melee] Stormbringer Swords

It was priceless to hear Jesusheist sing this song live, if you ask him he might do it to you to
but here is the original, very nice song

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